Rassa frassa blassa! Arrrgh!
— Captain Vul • Kirby Super Star Ultra

Captain Vul is a well-endowed albatross (though he shares traits with a Sage-grouse and his name indicates that he is a vulture) that presides over the Battleship Halberd and serves as one of Meta Knight's highest ranking members throughout the course of Revenge of Meta Knight. Dressed in regal, sailor captain-style clothing with epaulets, Vul regularly oversees the crew and makes sure the ship runs smoothly. But after Kirby learns of Meta Knight's plan to conquer Dream Land with it and therefore plans to destroy it, Vul becomes desperate and violently obsessed, and proves that he will do anything to eliminate Kirby... even destroy his own ship.

Captain Vul is a very underdeveloped character that serves under Meta Knight, presumably as some sort of second-in-command. However, his dialogue indicates that he shares just as much ownership of the Halberd as Meta Knight does. When Vul hears that Kirby has boarded the Halberd, he orders Heavy Lobster to crush him before he becomes any kind of nuisance. After Kirby boards the ship again, he orders the Meta-Knights to do away with him. Then, he guides Kirby to Main Cannon #2. When that doesn't work and Kirby destroys the cannon, Vul throws Heavy Lobster at him again. Kirby withstands all of Vul's plans and slowly weakens the Halberd. Beyond coming up with schemes to defeat Kirby, Captain Vul also comments alongside the other Meta-Knights on Kirby's progress, often to give his soldiers orders, scold them for whatever failures or pathetic schemes they commit, or to express his obsession with killing Kirby. After Kirby destroys the Halberd's Reactor, Vul decides he would rather live than go down with the ill-fated ship. He is the first to evacuate, and is never seen again.

In the original Kirby Super Star for SNES, his portraits were noticeably more exaggerated and cartoony than the ones in Kirby Super Star Ultra. In addition, he was not given a name until the remake. He makes a brief cameo during the end credits of Meta Knightmare Ultra.


Captain Vul's many expressive moods over the course of Kirby's assault on the Halberd.

You idiot! You hid those?
— Captain Vul • to Mace Knight about his hidden stash in Kirby Super Star.
WHAAT!?! Throw the Heavy Lobster at 'im!
— Captain Vul • to the Meta-Knights in Kirby Super Star Ultra
My flying fortress, the Halberd, will now rule over all of Dream Land.
— Captain Vul • Kirby Super Star Ultra
Listen you lubbers! I want you all after that Kirby!
— Captain Vul • Kirby Super Star Ultra
WHAT?! Paint Ability you say?!
— Captain Vul • Kirby Super Star Ultra
So YOU were the one hoarding them, you scallywag!!
—  Captain Vul • Kirby Super Star Ultra
Hm. Hmm. Having both wings destroyed may be just what we needed...
— Captain Vul • Kirby Super Star Ultra
AHH! This ship is done for! I gotta get outta here!
— Captain Vul • Kirby Super Star Ultra
I'm escaping now! Don't think badly of me!
— Captain Vul • Kirby Super Star Ultra
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