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This sea monster is rather vain. I wonder what the deal with that knit cap is...?
— Cast Description • Kirby's Epic Yarn

Capamari is a boss appearing in the game Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. It is the boss of Water Land and the fourth boss Kirby and Prince Fluff face in the games. It shares its name with the stage it appears in, which follows Deep-Dive Deep and precedes Boom Boatyard.

Capamari also appears in its second form during the third phase of battle with Yin-Yarn. Kirby must simply damage it once to defeat it during this battle. When the Capamari battle begins, Yin-Yarn uses his Knitting Needles to create the water. The water rises, and then Capamari and its Octopeas pop out in their jars.

Physical Appearance

Capamari has two forms. In its first form, it appears as a giant blue and white squid with yellow eyes and a knit cap. It has a purple unibrow and a giant mouth, as well as numerous tentacles.

After Capamari's cap has been removed, revealing a bare head underneath, it will become enraged. Its appearance will change to that of a stout, red octopus with eight arms, though it retains its unibrow and yellow eyes.


Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

In its first phase, Capamari tries to prevent Kirby from unraveling its cap by using its tentacles to throw Kirby across the stage. Once its knit cap is destroyed, Capamari will become enraged and four jars will emerge, to which Capamari will hide in one of them.

In its second phase, Capamari, camouflaged in the background, will spew ink and attack with three tentacles that lock onto Kirby's position. Capamari may also spawn Octopeas, which will come out of the jars and try to hurt Kirby by spiraling into him; the Octopeas can be used against Capamari. Capamari will then hide in one of the four jars, and Kirby must hit it when it peaks out. If Kirby cannot hit it, three of the four jars will protrude long spikes while Capamari taunts Kirby. As a last resort, Capamari gets in one of the jars and blasts itself from one jar to the other, which immediately happens once its health is low enough for a final slam to defeat it, in similar fashion to the Octopeas. After it is launched out of the jar, beads will come out for Kirby to grab. After two hits, Capamari is defeated and drops its Magic Yarn piece, which Kirby and Prince Fluff immediately obtain from Water Land, unlocking Snow Land.


Capamari's name is a portmanteau of the words "cap," referring to what it appears to be wearing; and "calamari," a type of food made from fried squid.

Its Japanese name, イカスタコス (Ikasutakosu), is a combination of the Japanese word for squid, イカ/いか/烏賊/鰞 (ika); and the Japanese word for octopus, タコ/たこ/蛸/章魚/鮹 (tako).



  • The music that Capamari uses for its boss battle seems to be inspired from aquatic horror movies.
  • Capamari's English name was originally intended to be Stylocto, a portmanteau of "style" and "octopus."
  • Capamari's first form resembles the enemy Squishy while its second form resembles Flotzo, an enemy that replaces Squishy in Extra Mode of Kirby's Dream Land and Kirby Super Star Ultra’s Revenge of the King sub-game.
  • Glitch: There is a rare chance in Kirby's Epic Yarn that when all of the yarn composing Capamari's cap is removed, the battle will not progress into the second phase, resulting in a softlock that forces the player to restart or exit the stage.
  • Its stage is the only time Kirby and Prince Fluff do the victory dance in the water, which also changes their mid-dance transformations, one involving anchors.
  • Capamari is the first boss in the games to have a different number of phases other than three, unless its enraged form's phases are individual phases in their own right.