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Callers are peculiar enemies in the Kirby series that only appear in Kirby Air Ride. They are made up of multiple segments that constantly spin. Because of this, a light tornado is always surrounding them.

When swallowed they provide Kirby with the Tornado ability, which enhances his Quick Spins.

They are most common in Sky Sands and Beanstalk Park, although they likely appear at some point on every other course and, like many of the other enemies in Kirby Air Ride, it is not uncommon to see Callers in large swarms on the racecourse.

Physical Appearance

Callers greatly resemble a cross between a fairy and a caterpillar. They have a total of four round body segments, the top one being the largest, the last being the smallest, and the other two in between. They have heart-shaped faces on their pink head along with two wing-like antennae. Circling around their bodies are wispy arcs of wind which are created from the constant spinning of their body segments.