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This little bulb glows with the love of a pure heart, but no one wants to get anywhere near him. It's tough to make friends when you electrocute anyone who touches you. Still, he keeps on glowing, 'cause that's what you do.
— Figurine description • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Bzztbulb is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.

Physical Appearance

Bzztbulb appears to be a white lightbulb-like creature that has a yellow lips and beady black eyes. He has a yellow ring around his body and three feet.


Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Bzztbulb acts similarly to Sparky; he periodically projects an electric field around himself. Unlike Sparky, however, Bzztbulb stands idly in one spot. Gondola Bzztbulb, a variant of Bzztbulb, is the same enemy riding in a gondola. He attacks by sending electrical currents through the track that gondolas ride across.


Bzztbulb's name is derived from a portmanteau of "bzzt," the English onomatopoeia for static electricity, and "bulb," referencing the enemy's appearance.

Its Japanese name, ビリバルブ (Biribarubu), is a portmanteau of the Japanese onomatopoeia of electricity, ビリ (Biri); and bulb, バルブ (barubu).

Related Quotes

This Bzztbulb hopped into a gondola to take a joyride, but he never figured out how to exit the vehicle. Now he spends his days swinging around and has no major issues to report, thank you very much.
— Gondola Bzztbulb Figurine description • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse