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You may not be a Rough Ranger, but you're rough enough for me, you old coot!
— Buttercup • Hail to the Chief

Buttercup is a minor character in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.

Physical Apperance

Buttercup is a peach-colored Cappy with gray curly hair and two wrinkles on each side of her mouth. She wears a pink foulard with a blue stone on the center surrounded by yellow ornaments.


Buttercup is a kind and loving elderly lady who loves her husband Chief Bookem because he tries his hardest, and does not care if he was never in the army or anything of such honorHail to the Chief. She cares very much about keeping her house clean, but it became a very difficult job when her husband kept bringing in all sorts of junk to their house from the lost and found A Trashy Tale. Thankfully, when Kirby acquired the Clean ability from the monster, Trash Basher, he cleaned things up. Buttercup is also implied to be an amazing illustrator as shown in eNeMeE Elementary, as shown by her artwork of King Dedede crying, assuming that she was the picture's artist.


Buttercup's Japanese name, サト (Sato), comes from the Japanese word for village/country/home, さと/里/郷 (sato).


I remember when I was a little girl they used to say there really were ghosts living out here.
— Buttercup • Scare Tactics - Part I
And so the King was angry and he screamed and cried. But as you know, goodness prevailed, and that is the happy end of our story.
— Buttercup • ENeMeE Elementary
My crab has been sabotaged! I demand to see an instant replay just before the main course!
— Buttercup • The Meal Moocher
I've tried as hard as I could to keep this house clean, but it's no use.
— Buttercup • A Trashy Tale