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Bun is an enemy that appears in Kirby Squeak Squad. Buns resemble two-footed, rabbit-like creatures who have large ears (which double as arms). Kirby must make sure he does not get too close to one- because if he does, that Bun will grab him, spin him around several times, and then throw him. Buns give Kirby the Throw ability when eaten.

Physical Appearance

Bun looks like a red rabbit head with two orange shoes. It's color scheme is much like that of a Waddle Dee. It's face is even lighter than the rest of its body, with a pale light pink coloration for its face. Its ears double as arms, and the ends are more spherical and resemble hands. Bun is one of those enemies that Kirby needs to inhale longer than usual.


  • Bun is the only enemy (excluding mid-bosses) that gives the Throw ability.
  • Bun can be possessed by Ghost Kirby, and can grab and throw any enemy, including others of its own species, and can withstand several hits from enemies. It only throws enemies straight, and the thrown enemies have no effect on anything else from enemies to blocks. It can't pick up blocks, and it is unknown if it can pick up minibosses' ammo, as no Buns inhabit the same room as a miniboss. It wouldn't be able to hurt the minibosses anyway.
  • Bun's English name is Tuff's Japaneese name
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