Charging gives it fuel! It can take a beating.
— Flavor Text • Kirby Air Ride

The Bulk Star is one of the playable Air Ride Machines in Kirby Air Ride. It is known for having to use its charge as "fuel".

The Bulk Star is different from the other stars in appearance, with a larger frame and an exposed single-cylinder engine, which makes a sound unique among the other air machines. It has two large exhaust pipes, a functional fuel gauge that more closely resembles a speedometer, and what appears to be an open-ended intake manifold. Despite not being a Wheelie Bike of any sort, its appearance and mechanics seem to be based on certain parts of American choppers or on the parts of real-world motorcycles in general. The Bulk Star is the heaviest non-legendary Air Ride Machine, and has great HP, offense, and defense. These traits accentuate its usefulness in City Trial mode.

Its charge and boost have unique properties; when a player charges the Bulk Star's charge meter, it will run off of that boost gradually until it goes out, in which case it will need to be charged again.

The Bulk Star also has a high Top Speed (it is faster than the Dragoon) and can drift decently, but it has poor acceleration, below average handling, and slow charging speed. It also has a poor Glide stat, but its large frame allows it to perform a glitch in the Air Glide event of City Trial mode which it can use to reach unprecedented heights.


  • There is a fuel gauge on the back of the star that shows how much fuel it has left, but the available charge bar undermines this feature entirely.
  • On surfaces that would slow most stars down, such as the lava in Magma Flows, the Bulk Star actually speeds up.
  • On its underside it has the word "Heavy" and a yellow star in the background, reflecting its Japanese name, Heavy Star.
  • The Bulk Star and the Hydra are the only two Air Ride Machines that use their charge as fuel.



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