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Bukiset is an enemy capable of giving certain Copy Abilities, such as Parasol, Burning, and Spark. It appears in Kirby's Dream Land 3. It is one of only two enemies in the Kirby series to be able to do this; the other is Transformer.

Physical Appearance

Bukiset resembles a Sword Knight with a rounder body and a bigger white helmet with two black eye-looking holes over its helmet, which shows a round yellow eye. Its body is black and it wears a white or silver helmet and matching shoes similar to N-Zs.


Kirby's Dream Land 3

Bukiset carries many different weapons, all of which signify what kind of abilities it gives. If it carries a flaming sword that shoots out fire streams, it gives Burning. If it carries an ice sword that shoots out ice, it gives Ice. If it carries a yellow pointy wand that shoots out electricity, it gives Spark. If it carries a green wand that shoots out green, curved blades that go through walls, it gives Cutter. If it carries a gray stone club that throws out rocks, it gives Stone. If it carries an umbrella, it gives Parasol. If it carries a white lance that can extend three times, it gives Needle. And if it carries a broom, it gives Clean.


"Buki" is the Japanese word for "weapon." Thus, Bukiset's name can be taken to mean "Weapon set," which fits the theme of it being able to wield a large variety of different weapons.