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KPR Susie artwork.png This article is about the Bubble mid-boss in Kirby: Squeak Squad. For the similarly named Burning mid-boss, see Boboo.

Buboo is a mid-boss that appears in Kirby: Squeak Squad. It is a small crab concealed inside a barrier of bubbles and floats around shooting bubbles (some of which contain Waddle Dees) at Kirby. After taking enough damage, its barrier will dissipate, revealing its true form: a small, crab-like creature. With its cover blown, Buboo will scurry around hastily on the ground, vigorously throwing out bubbles every which way. Buboo is extremely fast on the ground. When defeated, Kirby can inhale it for the Bubble Copy Ability.

Physical Appearance

Buboo is a timid creature that hides in an immense cloak of everlasting bubbles. It uses its constantly-regenerating bubble blockade as means of flying, as Buboo drops to the ground right after all the bubbles are gone. Buboo replenishes its barrier by spitting out more bubbles.

Having lost its bubble barrier, Buboo's true form is seen. It resembles a parasite-like crab with small black eyes, two small pincers, and six small spikes.


Buboo comes from the word "bubble", referencing its appearance and attacks.


  • Buboo, in both name and behavior, is very similar to Boboo: both are mid-bosses that cover themselves with the element that gives their ability and when they are defeated they both reveal their true form.
  • Buboo's appearance and bubble-shooting ability is likely based on real-world crabs, who produce a bubbly foam from their mouths to breathe while above water.