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Bubbles can contain one of two things: an item or a Copy Ability. Kirby can collect these by either touching bubbles or swallowing things as they appear on a stage.
— Bubble Items • Kirby: Squeak Squad Instruction Booklet

Bubble items are items inside bubbles. They have only appeared in Kirby: Squeak Squad to date.

When Kirby gets a bubble item, he stores it in the Copy Palette, which is in his stomach, as shown on the Touch Screen of the Nintendo DS. If the player touches a bubble item with the stylus, they can do a number of things with it. Simply tapping it will pop the bubble, causing Kirby to use the item. Holding the stylus onto the bubble and dragging it onto another bubble may cause the bubbles to mix, and a new item will be created. If the player swirls the bubbles around while they are being mixed, they can get items or Copy Abilities often more powerful than what they would normally get. Not all bubbles can be mixed together, however. If the bubble is dragged to the top of the Touch Screen, the bubble item will travel to Kirby's mouth, allowing him to spit it out and remove it from the Copy Palette.

Bubble items can usually be found throughout the levels of Kirby: Squeak Squad according to when they are needed. For example, before an area with a large dirt patch, the Animal bubble usually appears, and before boss fights, Kirby can find food bubble items.

Bubbles can contain the same items found in Treasure Chests after Kirby collects that chest's original item. The player can also occasionally find bubble items inside barrels.

Bubble items may be created by means of the Bubble ability, which Kirby can acquire by inhaling Bubble Head. Bubble Kirby can use any attack to turn enemies with a Copy Ability into ability bubbles, and enemies that lack a Copy Ability into a bubble item with a star inside. Kirby can use star bubble items to perform a Star Spit, and he can mix these bubbles together to form larger stars for a more powerful Star Spit.

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An item in a bubble
— Treasure description • Kirby: Squeak Squad

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