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Whoever defies the Broom King shall be swept away!
— Broom King • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

The Broom King is a character that has only appeared in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. The Broom King came to Dream Land disguised as the famous author, Rowlin, sent to King Dedede by Nightmare Enterprises in the episode A Novel Approach. The perfectly disguised monster brainwashed the Cappies when they played a Quidditch-style game and he used Kirby as the ball. Thankfully, the real Rowlin was there to sort things out, and the monster was so infuriated that his disguise's eyes turned into his real eyes and he attempted to attack the real deal only to be punched away by Meta Knight. Afterwards, that's when the imposter revealed his true identity. The Broom King's attacks mainly revolve around magically controlling brooms. He is also capable of flight and can also blast garbage at foes as well as blow dust at them, and can even thwack them with his own handle. He is also shown to be quite tactical, and is a master of disguise. After having revealed his true identity to everyone, he then had many brooms attack everyone, but Clean Kirby dispatched the brooms before taking on the king. Kirby quickly gained the upper hand and the king was forced to retreat, but Kirby followed him riding his broom and did him in with one more swing from his broom, destroying him.

A similar living broom appears in Kirby's Dream Land 3, as well as the Kirby of the Stars Pilot, named Haboki.

Physical Appearance

The Broom King is a large, broom-like being. He has a pair of arms as well as sunken-in magenta eyes, and he wears a large crown on top of his head that is located just between that and his handle. His crown is gold and has five points at the top, with dark green jewelry encircled with gold and the bottom part is made of puffy red velvet. He is also one of the few monsters who can talk.




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