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Boost Orbs, which give you extra powers, are now available for you to use during League Battles.
— Platinum League • Kirby Battle Royale

Boost Orb is an item appearing in Kirby Battle Royale. They are first unlocked for play in Battle Mode after winning the Silver League Qualifier Battle and are then obtained in The Cake Royale's Platinum League. However, they cannot be used in Online Battle. Boost Orbs allow Kirby to equip three ability buffs, some of which are activated by tapping them on the touch screen, and others whose effects are active by simply equipping them. A maximum of three Boost Orbs can be equipped at a time. Boost Orbs can be bought for 400 Battle Coins each.


Boost Orb Image Effect Activation Notes
Super Charge Super Charge Bost Orb.png Widens charge-attack range and raises attack strength by 20% for 15 seconds. Tap Activation Players will have a red aura when their charge-attack is fully charged.
Small Speed Boost Small Speed Boost Boost Orb.png Increases movement speed by 10%. Set Effect Type Dust that appears while running is more prominent than normal.
Big Speed Boost Big Speed Boost Boost Orb.png Increases movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds. Tap Activation Dust that appears while running is a longer trail than normal.
Quick Charge Quick Charge Boost Orb.png Halves charging time for 15 seconds. Tap Activation Makes the visual effects for charging more prominent.
Maxim Tomato Maxim Tomato Boost Orb.png Recovers all health. Tap Activation Cannot only be used in training mode after using Berserk, as there are no other methods of taking damage.
Metal Metal Boost Orb.png Protects you for 10 seconds, but you're heavier and less mobile. Tap Activation Player model (including hats) are now colored a shiny gray; this visual effect does not apply to weapons. Challenges in Crazy Theater that require the players to avoid something will not be nullified by Metal, even though Metal is invincible.
Small Attack Boost Small Attack Boost Boost Orb.png Increases attack strength by 10%. Set Effect Type Small flames will appear around the player.
Big Attack Boost Big Attack Boost Boost Orb.png Increases attack strength by 40% for 15 seconds. Tap Activation Flames will surround the player.
Quick Revive Quick Revive Boost Orb.png Decreases the amount of time it take to recover. Set Effect Type Time spent being KO'd reduced from 7 seconds to 5 seconds. Maximum time spent KO'd in Battle Arena reduced by 25%. Cannot be used (but can be selected) in training mode, as there are no methods of being KO'd.
Life Up Life Up Boost Orb.png Raises maximum health by 40%. Set Effect Type Health bar has diagonal stripes.
Power Throw Power Throw Boost Orb.png Improves throwing ability. Set Effect Type A visual effect will appear above the player's head when holding something. Throw distance increases by 25% and damage increases by 20%.
Big Air Bullet Big Air Bullet Boost Orb.png Increases power and size of air bullets. Set Effect Type Air bullets the size of Kirby when floating. Big Air Bullets do double damage.
Invisibility Invisibility Boost Orb.png Makes you transparent for 15 seconds. Tap Activation Additional effects from running as still visible. ghost cannot spot the player.
Mega Blast Mega Blast Boost Orb.png Will send foes you attack flying farther. Set Effect Type Rivals sent flying will have a blue cloud-like trail.
Cashgrabber Cashgrabber Boost Orb.png Raises the number of things you can steal from foes by 50%. Set Effect Type Upon successful use, the Cashgrabber icon will appear overhead. Cannot be used (but can be selected) in training mode, as there are no methods of stealing.
Deflector Deflector Boost Orb.png Brushes off attacks automatically for 60 seconds. Tap Activation Cannot be used (but can be selected) in training mode, as there are no methods of taking damage.
Superspicy Curry Superspicy Curry Boost Orb.png Lets you blow flames for 10 seconds. Tap Activation Cannot hold items when effect is active. Player shoots 50 fireballs if not interrupted. Fireballs deduct 25% of a normal health bar.
Berserk Berserk Boost Orb.png Raises attack strength by 40% and mobility by 50%, but slowly drains health. Tap Activation Purple aura surrounds the player, along with the Berserk symbol looming overhead upon activation. Effect lasts for 15 seconds, draining 3% of a normal health bar each second. Effect will still be active even if player is at 1HP, but will no longer drain.


Boost Orbs, which give you extra powers, are now available in Battle Mode. To see how these orbs work, go into a Single-Player Battle.
— You can now use Boost Orbs! • Kirby Battle Royale
Now, here's how to use Boost Orbs. First, we'll set your battle rules to With Boost Orbs. This will let Boost Orbs show up in Battle Mode. This is the menu where you can equip Boost Orbs. You'll choose a slot on the left, and then select A. Then you'll pick the Boost Orb to equip. For now, pick Super Charge, then equip it by pressing A. The Boost Orb is now equipped and can be used in battle. Now, select OK so we can head into a battle. The Boost Orb that you equipped now shows up on the lower screen. Tap the orb to activate it.You activated Super Charge! This will make your charge attacks stronger for 15 seconds. Certain orbs will provide an effect just by equipping them too. There are many kinds of Boost Orbs. Collect all of the Boost Orbs and use them to give you the edge in battles!
— Tutorial • Kirby Battle Royale
Boost Orbs are now in the Collection Lists! You can use these in Battle Mode when they're unlocked.
— Boost Orbs! • Kirby Battle Royale
You can use Boost Orbs in the Training Room.
— Boost Orbs! • Kirby Battle Royale
Boost Orbs! Enough said!
— Collection Lists • Kirby Battle Royale