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What?! This isn't good! That road leads to the Booma-Dooma Volcano! There's no telling when that thing's gonna blow!
— Chief Bookem • Hail to the Chief

The Booma-Dooma Volcano is a series of volcanic peaks located in Dream Land. Along the slopes of its base are blackened trees and ash. Many boulders can be found around the volcano's edge and base. Its name was revealed in the early Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Hail to the Chief.

The Booma-Dooma Volcano has appeared in various episodes including but not limited to the said episode for various reasons. In Hail to the Chief, Tuff fell down the volcano when one of the wheels of King Dedede's Tank, which he was trying to drive after the rest of its passengers (Kirby, King Dedede, and Escargoon) fell off of it. The tank bumped into a rock and knocked him off it, causing him to fall into the volcano, but fortunately he fell onto a slab of rock rather than the sizzling lava. Chief Bookem attempted to rescue him (after which Kirby took his turn to save both of them from falling to a hot demise).

In Tourist Trap, the tourists were given a tour of the volcano, where King Dedede dropped Flame Feeder's orb form into the volcano's lava not long after a fireworks display.

In The Chill Factor, Ice Kirby made use of the volcano by pouring some of the hot sauce supplied to Dedede by Nightmare Enterprises into the lava to help arrange the solution to Cappy Town's Pengy problem.

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