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Stay on your toes in this explosive environment. Dash across collapsing piers and sinking boats as bombs rain down from the sky. Bronto Burts and Bombers offer a little extra firepower, and a giant Cannon Mariner ends things with a bang!
— Official guide

Boom Boatyard is the 28th stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn and ​​​​Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. It is the first unlockable and sixth level in Water Land, the fifth world in the game. It comes after Capamari and precedes Fossil Reef. Collecting enough Beads during the battle against Capamari unlocks this level.

The level is an automatic side-scrolling one, which exerts a certain amount of time pressure. About half the level is composed of a shipyard, which is being destroyed by a continuous stream of missiles falling from the sky. The level finishes with a fight against Blast Mariner.

Boom Boatyard shares the same music with Secret Island.


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Due to the split paths in the level, two players playing through it makes it easier to collect all the treasures in the first try. To defeat the Blast Mariner at the end of the level, throw three of its small missiles back at it. Just be careful of the big missiles, as they cannot be picked up, and create a big explosion.


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