Bombar is a rare mid-boss that made his only appearance to date in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. Being a plane, Bombar stays in midair during the fight; in fact, he, Batafire, Master Hand, Sphere Doomer, Dubior, and Vividria are the only mid-bosses in the series (not counting Kracko Jr. and the giant enemies from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards) that fight entirely in the air. He is also commonly fought in areas with very strong winds, so Kirby has to be on his guard during the whole fight. He attacks by swooping down at Kirby, shooting guided missiles at him, and even performing a full-on air raid. The projectiles from the air assault give the Bomb ability, while the guided missiles give Missile. Upon his defeat, Bombar himself also grants the Missile ability. The areas that Bombar appear in are two locations in Mustard Mountain and Peppermint Palace. He is aggressive in Peppermint Palace, giving less of a window for Kirby to avoid his attacks and using his swoop attack more often.

Small Shootys can always be found patrolling the area around or outside Bombar's arena and are a giveaway of his presence. They themselves resemble miniature versions of the large mid-boss, but their exact relation is unknown.

Physical Appearance

Bombar is a green personified fighter jet wearing antique, old fashioned aviator clothing consisting of a cream colored scarf and an orange flight helmet with a star design on it. His underbelly is a noticeably lighter-colored green than the rest of his body and he has brown feet.


  • One of the unused alternate pallets on Bombar appears to be based off the colors of the United States Flag.



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