Bomb Rally is a sub-game in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land which replaces Crane Fever from Kirby's Adventure. Bomb Rally allows for up to four other players to play against each other with the use of a Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable.


The goal is to pass around a bomb to the other Kirbys (yellow, red, and green) using correctly timed presses of the A button to hit it with a frying pan. The longer the round goes the faster the bomb flies and if one of the Kirbys is hit with the bomb, they will be disqualified and replaced with Bubbles. He makes the next round harder as he doesn't have hands to show which way the bomb will fly next. Bubbles can't lose as he only is there to keep the game going until only one Kirby is left. The last Kirby remaining wins the game.

In the main game, Kirby can play Bomb Rally to win up to three 1ups depending on how well he does.

  • 1st: 3up
  • 2nd: 2up
  • 3rd: 1up
  • 4th: None



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