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KPR Susie artwork.png This article is about the Power Combo in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. For the recurring Copy Ability, see Ninja.

Combine a Bomb and a Cutter power-up to arm Kirby with a short-range throwing star that explodes on impact.
— Description • Nintendo Power (Volume #134)

Bomb + Cutter (also called Explosive Ninja Stars[1] or Shuriken Bomb[2]) is a Power Combo. Kirby gets it by mixing Bomb and Cutter. When the ability is used, Kirby throws a shuriken over his head, and when it reaches his front side, it disappears. It then appears on the first object, enemy or wall, straight in front of where Kirby threw it. It will flash and then explode. All this happens in one to two seconds depending on the distance.

When the shuriken comes in contact with an enemy, the enemy will remain motionless until the shuriken explodes, which happens rather quickly.


Move Controls Description Element
Bomb + Cutter B Kirby throws his shuriken, the shuriken becomes embedded in the first solid object (wall, block or enemy) it hits. After about two seconds, the bomb explodes. Sizzle

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Kirby can throw ninja stars that detonate after sticking into enemies or walls.
— Description • Official Strategy guide
Kirby launches exploding throwing stars at his enemies and obstacles.
— Description • Official Strategy guide