Bohboh is a boss from Kirby Squeak Squad.

Bohboh is a fiery, owl-like creature with a raccoon-like tail that lives in Vocal Volcano and could be considered to be like an enhanced version of Batafire. While they share some attacks, like flying and dropping fireballs, Bohboh is a lot more reckless.

During the battle, he will charge at Kirby at every chance he gets. If he hits the pool of lava in the middle when he dives, though, he will take damage. Once he crashes, rocks and enemies (Pengi, Hot Head, and Sir Kibble) will fall down from the sky as he slowly flies back up. Defeating him will signify that Kirby has finished Vocal Volcano, and can move on to Ice Island.

The arena Bohboh is fought in also serves a large problem/ factor throughout the battle. It consists of a rocky platform suspended above a large pool of lava. Flanking either side of the lava pool are two very small sections of solid ground. If Bohboh manages to get his clutches on Kirby during his charge attack, he will grasp him with his talons and throw him into the pool. As soon as Kirby hits the scalding lava, he has an eighty percent of immediately losing his ability. This lava is also so hot that even the Ice ability can't permanently freeze it, and will only stay frozen for a couple of seconds (although doing so may add some temporary relief during the battle). If Kirby lures Bohboh into charging into the lava, Bohboh will take damage instead. His name suggests he may be related to the enemy Bobo. He also has elements of the Animal Friend Coo and the recurring boss character, Pon.

His name appears to be a corruption of the word Bubo, which is a genus of owl.

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