Battle the currents of Glub-Glub [sic] Ocean to face a wide variety of aquatic enemies. Check for Sawgills and Anemonees around each corner as you explore the underwater caverns. Survive the journey to the Dolphin Metamortex; after you transform into the Dolphin, swim through hoops, leap across waterfalls, and blast right through even the nastiest enemies!
— Official guide

Blub-Blub Ocean is the 24th stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn and second in Water Land, the fifth level in the game. It comes after Splash Beach and precedes Secret Island.

The stage is set in a bright, cheery part of the ocean. Kirby and Prince Fluff traverse most of the stage in Submarine form, but the Dolphin Metamortex is available in a later part of the stage. This the first stage of the game to offer the Dolphin metamortex.


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Kirby's Epic Yarn: Blub-Blub Ocean
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