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Right Hand Lady Right Hand Lady 26 November 2021

How i met Kirby and how i got in love with Batamon

The first time i met Kirby was in Kirby star allies it was kinda fun till i got bored. Well after that i bought Super Kirby clash and it was really fun it was very hard tho so i gave up, The next game was Kirby dreamland 3 and thats how i met Batamon. He was really cute so i started to love him. Well i Iasily completed the game with a good ending and instantly got 100% completion after that. After that was Kirby superstar which was easy and hard at the same time i gave up on the hard part. After that is Kirby's Adventure which im trying to get a 100% completion rn!

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LunaDial LunaDial 28 October 2021

How I Discovered Kirby

I found Kirby through an AO3 fanfic called Danganronpa 69. It was my first time seeing content from Kirby, as one of the characters was King Dedede. Intrigued, I searched up King Dedede and found out about Kirby. Later, I managed to get Kirby's Dream Land on an emulator, plus watch some episodes of the anime. The rest is history...

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Verdiclub Verdiclub 3 October 2021

New enemies in KatFL

What are the enemies in Kirby and the Forgotten Land? When It comes out, show me their names in the comments below!

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KDsketch2004 KDsketch2004 23 September 2021


Guys! There's new Kirby game called "Kirby Discover"!!!


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Da east kaioshin Da east kaioshin 15 June 2021

im doing math

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Nick3190 Nick3190 6 June 2021

why my profile pic is a meme

cuz its a meme

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Heihogamer0001 Heihogamer0001 15 May 2021

You know I had to De it to 'em.

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Clovertoe3352 Clovertoe3352 25 March 2021

uh hi


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DarkGreenishKirby DarkGreenishKirby 13 February 2021


Articles need to be as long as possible before being created.

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KonpekiNoUmi KonpekiNoUmi 28 January 2021


h e y, l i s t e n

so im doing a thing

remember the Kirby OCs and FCs wiki OF COURSE YOU DONT (here's a link doe: )

i decided to draw all 95 (as of now, which is 1/28/21, which is also a palindrome date!) OCs and FCs! Hooray!

Currently I've finished the people with G as the first letter in their name, which just so happens to be one person. What the heck.

Soooo, I'm gonna be working on that till all 95 OCs and FCs are done! Yay!

I'm probably gonna quit halfway through lol

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KonpekiNoUmi KonpekiNoUmi 15 December 2020


what do i put here

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Bunger Dee the Kirb Loving dee Bunger Dee the Kirb Loving dee 11 December 2020

random art collab i guess

might start a weekly art collab soon practically is some what is not

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RileyGronlundSuperMario RileyGronlundSuperMario 16 October 2020

Ribbon/Super Smash Bros.

Ribbon would be a rather decent character for Super Smash Bros. games. Her attacks would be based on the powers from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. She would be a lightweight fighter, with two jumps and a hover (see the Gimmicks for details).

  • 1 Mobility
  • 2 Moveset
    • 2.1 Basic Attacks
      • 2.1.1 Tilts=
      • 2.1.2 Conditional Attacks
      • 2.1.3 Charged Smash Attacks
      • 2.1.4 Aerial Attacks
    • 2.2 Grab & Throws
    • 2.3 Special Moves
      • 2.3.1 Standard Special Move: Cutter Blade
        • Custom Variations
      • 2.3.2 Up Special Move: Burning Charge
        • Custom Variations
        • Side Special Move: Hammer Swing
          • Custom Variations
      • 2.3.3 Down Special Move: Bob-omb
        • Custom Variations
      • 2.3.4 Gimmicks
      • 2.3.5 Final Smash: Ribbon's Crystal Gun
  • 3 Battle Poses
    • 3.1 Taunts
    • 3.2 Idle
    • 3.3 Victory Animations
  • 4 Palette Swaps


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LeoGames2012 LeoGames2012 5 October 2020


Blog 1

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John1663 John1663 6 September 2020



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CuteKawaiiSunset CuteKawaiiSunset 3 September 2020


Hi, Everybody

I'm SweetPinkStrawberry and I'm a real fond of Kirby

He's so cute and puffy, the best part is that he's has cheerful personality which I really like.

Also feel free to shoot me a message to have a chat with me anytime you like and I'm new to the wiki.

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Squeebs82 Squeebs82 3 September 2020


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Mixeli Jr. Mixeli Jr. 16 August 2020

I can't use Discord anymore... Sorry Project Team Kirby...

Read the title, lol.

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EvilEevee666 EvilEevee666 12 July 2020


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Eficiente Eficiente 5 July 2020

Japanese transcripts from guides, books & manga

Hello, I'm a discussion moderator from the VS Battles wiki who aims to have unlocalized guides, books and manga from the Kirby series all obtainable for anyone who may want to take a look at them. This would be extremely tedious as the products would need to be own by certain people who would be to share it online and that in turn would need to be properly translated by somebody, not to mention it should all be uploaded in the most reasonable place where random people would be able to find it.

In this blog I'm gonna have individual pages from guides, books and manga already obtainable online and write the texts/kanjis they have in them using a free application called Text Scanner, other apps like it and this page. The main idea would be to …

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my head cannons

to me the reson that marx betrayed kirby was bc in his past life ( from 10 moths to 6 years )  he was adoupted by marx and his family affter being found in the forest in the winter and lived a normal life until he meets kirby who was 2 and became bffs but when they were freinds more monsters and scary creatures came or near them and one frightful night his antire family ( ecapt  meta and my oc called vitoria / wife ) and marx was now scared of loseing his family and freinds so he traind  and meta knight trained him and his wife died from poison affter 1 year and 3 mothes latter revenge of meta knight happend and marx was alone and all his freinds were so occuopied ( ado, ribbion, rick, kine,coo, fumu, bun ,gooey, chu chu, nago, pich ) exep…

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Marx The Galactic Jester Marx The Galactic Jester 10 June 2020

Five-word story writing

So this is a short blog and my first on Kirby Wiki.

The rules here are,

Write five random words that has to associate with Kirby.

Cant post more than two times in a row.

Make a random Kirby-FANDOM story,

I'd like to see what you come up with. You start the story!

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Macdawg Macdawg 5 June 2020

Propellor's Star Allies Design, Gigavolt II, and Shield Guard Models

On advice from the main boss himself, I am sharing these links on my blog for people who have experince with renders in hopes we could finish this before the new Kirby game (That will have a real Extra Game mode with stronger enemies replacing others) with the Nightmare Hyness and the Jambastion Religion fought off before they were rudely banished by the Ancients shows up. Happy hunting!………

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Vyroz Vyroz 21 May 2020

A little cropping help

Hi! It's me, the artwork guy back at the blogs again... I found high quality artwork for all KDL3 copy abilities (except Cleaning for obvious reasons). However, I ran into a problem and couldn't make a trasnparent crop for the image shown here (Cutter's artwork). This one had a black background and Kirby's outline wasn't visible, so I edited it no problem! But... I couldn't get rid of the black lines between the Cutter's trails. So here I am asking: Could any of you edit the black lines out? If you can, it would be awesome and I would really appreciate it! 

I also tried to crop it on my own. However, in my pont of view, it doesn't look... good? It loos rather choppy.

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Vyroz Vyroz 15 May 2020


So, HAL decided to publish new puzzle merch called 星のカービィ
パズルガム2020 (Or "Kirby of the Stars: Puzzle Gum"). It's a bundle of many different puzzles, but they have never before seen artwork. The first one, which is the Copy ability puzzle is the most I want to talk about. Firstly, this one almost confirms that the sleep ability artwork I found on Kirby Portal (and therefore, the artwork in the puzzle) is from Star Allies. HOWEVER, this may also bring another hypothesis, that being that probably the artwork shown here is from no game and it's just designed to fit with the other 3D artwork, but considering Beam, Ninja and Whip already have 3D artwork, it's most likely the former. The second one is easy to tlak about, since judging by Dedede's d…

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Vyroz Vyroz 9 May 2020

Kirby Star Allies artwork

So, I have no idea where to put this, but I managed to crop most of Kirby Star Allies Copy Ability artwork from the pause menu. The only two left  were Sword and Festival, since the menu arrow is covering some parts of them. Although, I admit that I DID edit three of them, those being Ninja (which is a really slight change) Cutter (a shading change) and Bomb (a fairly big edit, although it looks perfectly fine), the rest of them are okay, I was lucky to find out that the japanese version of Star Allies has mostly no text over the abilities (The exception being the three abilities I mentioned earlier). I already posted this on the spanish Kirby Wiki and I wanted to ask if the artworks are also okay to put in here.

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Shyguyfan1976 Shyguyfan1976 5 April 2020

Random stuff I would like to see in Kirby but know it will never happen.

Poison Clyan

Sand Ability

more waddle dees

Several bosses returning (including whispy woods and kracko)

Harder bosses

more playable characters (and yes all helpers/dream friends)

Ma Pignon as a boss (This I know will never happen ;-;)

Omega (cave story) as a boss (same fate as Ma Pignon i think ;-;)

3 Shyguys, 1 Lantern Ghost Shyguy, and 1 Snifit making a boss as THE 5 SHY GUYS! (I think this shares the same fate as the two directly above it ;-;)

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Yodeler2002 Yodeler2002 1 April 2020

Kirby : Helpers

I know this is probably kinda dumb, but I think there should be helpers for the Crash, Mike, Festival and Sleep, Bell, Doctor, Poison, Tornado, Ghost, and UFO abilities.. They can just add attacks that aren't too overpowered. For example, with mike, if you've seen a Walky, you see how they spit out just 3 music notes.. They could give that to Walky as a helper, and the 3 mike moves Kirby has would be cooldowns for Walky. Plus some abilities like the robobot armor's sound attacks. Crash, could start with slams that make small explosions, plus like the stone ability, where Rocky would fall on someone, bomber can drop onto them and cause a mini explosion. and the supernova/ main attack would have a cooldown (4 minutes) for Bomber maybe as a h…

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Wuj697 Wuj697 28 March 2020

Ability Designs

So if you have played one sigle Kirby game, you will know this ability called Fighter. But looking back at Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, there is a ability called Backdrop. Looking at their designs, they are absolutely the same! So could Fighter be a replacement? Or is it just borrowing its design?

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Shyguyfan1976 Shyguyfan1976 14 March 2020

Is Dark Nebula a species of Dark Matter?

  • Single eye
  • Dark aura surrounding it
  • Can possess others
  • Similar abilities to Miricale Matter
  • While the Japan-exclusive 20th Anniversary Kirby of the Stars Dream Land Encyclopedia states that is is unclear if they're connected, it also states that for Zero2, who we know to be dark matter.

  • Japan-exclusive 20th Anniversary Kirby of the Stars Dream Land Encyclopedia states that is is unclear if they're connected.
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Macdawg Macdawg 6 February 2020

I'm back

It's been awhile, but I thankfully learned my lesson. Pestering someone about models of enemies is never a good idea. Remorse is very professional, and I thank Iqskirby for it. I'm also amazed that a Degout model from its debut game was found, despite the fact its Planet Robobot model was already ripped. I would say go bigger, but then again, it's not worth it. In the meantime, I'm waiting for the new Kirby game that features the "Nightmare" Hyness and the Jambastions fought off before they were banished by the Ancients and became part of the VA, with a real Extra Game mode that replaces enemies with stronger ones, ala Kirby's Dream Land and Super Star Ultra's Revenge of the King. Bless everyone on this site!

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Spongefan15 Spongefan15 24 January 2020

Well Then

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Spongefan15 Spongefan15 24 January 2020

Random Kirby Images

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12JANDS 12JANDS 21 December 2019

You’re a Mean One, Dedede!

It’s a song!

(2 the tune of “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch”)

Ur a cruel one, Dedede. Your brains are full of knives, you got not nice plans, your heart got froze by some ice, Dedede.

You’re a cruel one, Dedede. You have dictated many lives! You order monsters from eNeMeY, in effort to kill Kirby, Dedede!

[Rap period] You got an anger streak a mile long. When people see you, their joy is gone. Your hammer sings a deadly song. Your heart was put in oh-so wrong. You are angry and abusive, too. No one will ever like you. When you’re on the stage, the crowd shouts “Boo”. Your presence makes everyone blue. [Rap End]

The end (for now)

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I have an awesome backstory- but I can't tell you guys what. It would kinda be really surprising to some. Others know, but if you do don't tell please..

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AlexSpark2005 AlexSpark2005 10 November 2019


What Year and Time Tiff and Tuff was Created in the Sketch September or October 2001?

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Gavin122! Gavin122! 25 September 2019

Poppy Bros. Jr. happy

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Maxwell8 Maxwell8 22 September 2019

How much does Kirby weigh really?

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Void Termina the Destroyer Void Termina the Destroyer 9 September 2019

The Lost Symphony of Ultra World Transcript

  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 Before battling Despacto Gold
  • 3 After defeating Despacto Gold/Before battling Alter Ravia & Paradoxers
  • 4 Epilogue (If less than 90 Ultra Hearts are collected)
  • 5 Epilogue (If 90 or more Ultra Hearts are collected)
  • 6 Aftermath

Narrator: Despacto's gathering of the Bond Hearts caused a mysterious crack to open and dragged the prophet into a world of infinity—the Ultra World! Take this chance by transforming into different Dream Friends and solve puzzles! Battle with the most fierce bosses and take your strongest team into these no-frills battle. After that, you will meet an unbelievable final boss, who seeks familiar dreams.......

(End of Prologue)

Ravia: That' stage!? But it looked eerie and corrupted......

Kirby: Poyo...?

(Suddenly, a…

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Peridot09 Peridot09 7 September 2019

Pres. Parallel Susie

I feel we should maybe add Pres. Parallel Susie as a separate page? Is it really confirmed Parallel Susie is the same as Pres. Parallel Susie? If it is, at least add images of her on Parallel Susie's page.

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Void Termina the Destroyer Void Termina the Destroyer 30 August 2019

Kirby Miracle Friends Transcript


(Alterious battling Liebe)

Alterious: *Slashes at Liebe*

Liebe: *Avoids the attack*

Melodie: Oh no! Liebe is losing! What are we going to do now!?

Ravia: *Shaking in fear while holding Melodie's hand*

Liebe: He's.....too strong!

Lohas: *Flies towards Alterious*

Liebe: KI......KING LOHAS!!

Alterious: Is that all you got? "When the Black Sun rises, the world ends." what you seek today!! *Time stopped*

Lohas: What.....what is this!? NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!! *Vanished*

Liebe: LOHAAAAAAAS!!!! *Unleashed a powerful blast*

Alterious: *Dodged the attack* Heh.......That is your revenge? Don't you understand who killed your lord? Who leads to the extinction of Harmonica?

Ravia: (No......What should I do.......)

(Suddenly, a portal appeared and suck…

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Void Termina the Destroyer Void Termina the Destroyer 23 August 2019

List of OC Final Bosses in Kirby Miracle Friends

  • God of Chaos—Contrido Ultima 混沌神 ラヴレウス•メロディカ 拉霍妮歐斯•美洛迪卡: Final Boss of the Story Mode
  • Warden of History—Odin 歴史の管理者 オーディン 奥丁 (cannot be battled)
  • Thunderclap of Destruction—Noir Knight 滅亡迅雷 ノワールナイト 諾倫騎士: Final Boss of Guest Star ???? Star Allies GO!
  • Obscure Chanteuse—Alter Ravia (with Paradoxers) 闇黒からの女歌手 オルタ•ラヴィア 逆轉拉菲亞&時空君皇: Final Boss of The Lost Symphony of Ultra World
  • Bringer of Destruction—Noir Knight 2.0 災来する滅亡迅雷 Re:ノワールナイト Re: 諾倫騎士: Final Boss for Guest Star Ravia/Paradoxers
  • Cosmical Phantom コスミクル (アンデッド): Final Boss for Raid Boss Challenge
  • Darkness Bond—Soul of Ultima 闇絆 ラヴレウスの魂 拉霍妮歐斯之魂: Replacing Contrido Ultima's dragon form in World Annihilator
  • The Ultimate God of Chaos—Contrido Ultima 地獄混沌神 ラヴレウス•メロディカ: A more enchained version of Contrido Ultima i…
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Iqskirby Iqskirby 17 August 2019

Kirby Battle Royale: What went wrong

Kirby Battle Royale is a fun game, don't get me wrong. But it has some problems. Online problems. Granted, because of the general lack of people online, getting to be with friends isn't too difficult anymore (I managed to do that recently with a few friends; fun times). But the options for online are very limited.

As soon as you click "Online Battle," your first, and only, option is "Ranked Matches." Once the player confirms this choice, they will be moved into a room with other players (unless there are none/a room is full, forcing you into a different room). The player can pick from only three random game modes, as opposed to one of the ten. Afterward, the player can pick an ability, headgear, and color; color, however, is client—only you …

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HotPinkMegaStar HotPinkMegaStar 10 August 2019

I wonder what the Kirby video game is going to be?

I wonder what the next Kirby video game is going to be next year(possibly) I bet in Kirby's new video game he'll gain new powers and copy abilities even some old ones but we'll have to wait and see.

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Void Termina the Destroyer Void Termina the Destroyer 1 August 2019

Creating OCs that are inspired from other franchises

What should I say? When I create characters, I usually take characters from the same franchise (Kirby), but now most of them are inspired from other franchises such as Tamagotchi and Yo-kai Watch, which is why I am writing this post.

When I created my new OCs, I would set the following rules to ensure that none of the characters looked or act too similar to the original one:

Make sure that it doesn't looked like the original one, or you might have a piracy if you reveal the character publicly.

Characteristics and attacks of the inspired character should be changed, so the OC will become original to you.

For Final Bosses, add more phases or armour to make it original.

If I followed the rules, then the OC might looked like this (Example: Monsieur…

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Iqskirby Iqskirby 24 July 2019

Spark Vs. Plasma: Who Will Reign Supreme?

Spark... or Plasma. Spark made its first appearance in Kirby's Adventure, and Plasma in Kirby Super Star. Despite their similarities, no one ability has taken over. This comes off as a weird situation, as other abilities have been removed or merged in favor of another ability or gameplay mechanic. Some common examples that I will look over as Fire & Burning and Ice & Freeze.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15

Fire... and Burning. A battle that arguably ended as early as Kirby: Squeak Squad, but there's still more to it. Both of these abilities made their debut in Kirby's Adventure, and while Fire reigns supreme today, Fire's outlook wasn't always that way, and most people probably don't even realize it. Fire and Burning are fairly similar, and people may oft…

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NerdyBoutKirby NerdyBoutKirby 1 July 2019

A Decade

I joined Kirby Wiki on June 30, 2009. With a full decade here now under my belt, I feel the urge to reflect on it, discuss some of the best and worst times, and detail my plans for the future. This place has been a huge part of my life for the past ten years, as it's brought out both good and bad parts of me. Warning: This reflection is painfully honest, and might even get sad at times.

  • 1 Gaining Professionalism (2009-2012)
  • 2 New Position and Community (2013-2016)
  • 3 Stepping Back (2017-2019)
  • 4 Future Plans

Kirby Wiki was only two years old at the time I created my account, and it showed a bit. Professionalism wasn't the greatest--the site's background was pink with pictures of Sword Kirby and Kracko plastered on it--but that seemed fine, since I was…

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SandwitchZebra SandwitchZebra 15 June 2019

How was Kirby Star Allies ruined for you?

A day before release. Hype. Planning to get the game nearly day one. I'm on YouTube. My recommendations? Tons of videos of "ALL BOSSES" appears, and the first one I see (made by ProsafiaGaming, ugh) has Morpho Knight in the middle of the thumbnail, along with Void Termina. I just... yelled. One of the coolest moments, a beta character's grand appearance, and it was ruined. I don't care if I didn't know the context. Or the circumstances. That design was all it needed. Why. I bought the game next day and shut myself from YouTube till I beat it, 100%. And I did. Only months later, when 4.0.0 comes out, and I'm scrolling through YouTube again, knowing no one has beat it yet and I will be fine. Recommendations? Literally all I saw were Corrupt …

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Paul2 Paul2 12 June 2019

Nintendo at E3 2019

Hey all. So, I’ve decided to switch up the format of these blog posts a bit. Maybe see if this works better. It’ll be less of a strict “best/worst” thing and more just loose general thoughts on today's E3 news, I suppose. But anyway...

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect this year. Well, aside from a new announcement of a new fighter for Smash Ultimate. We did sort of knew what wouldn’t be discussed... we already got Directs about Pokemon Sword and Shield and Mario Maker 2 recently, so those seemed to have already been covered. (Though, oddly, they did end up spending a short segment on Pokemon anyway, but hey.) In addition, due to the major delays, Metroid Prime 4 didn’t seem to me like it’d be in the cards for this E3. But really, it seemed t…

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