• NaluigiRocks

    I know that someone already added Dedede's new v4.0 move, but apparently there's a new move for both Bandana Dee and Meta Knight too. Can someone add that? I don't have a Switch or Star Allies so I can't do it myself. Here's the video I found out this info from. EDIT: Whoops, apparently someone already added those. Didn't know about that, sorry.

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  • HalcandrianDreake

    Is she Seeking the Lor Starcutter because Corrupt Hyness Second Phase in one of the translations says 

    Lor = Paradise 

    Thats all i have to say.

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  • TiffAndTuffFanJr1

    I Can’t Find Tiff and Tuff Plush You Can Help Me For That?

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  • Tawit2546

    Kirby in Baldi

    October 3, 2018 by Tawit2546

    If Kirby was in... Baldi

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  • Void Termina the Destroyer

    Introduction to Characters:

    More Details:

    Even More Details:

    Details Galore:

    Delta relieveal:

    Artworks in Pen:

    Final Boss:

    Phicia & Psicia relieveal:

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  • Iqskirby

    Offense Down

    September 15, 2018 by Iqskirby

    We have four very similar Kirby games. Return to Dream Land, Triple Deluxe, Planet Robobot, and Star Allies all handle near identically. And while they all may appear very same-y because of this, there are some notable differences. One such difference is damage output. Thanks to Robobot's inclusion of Security Force, a clone of Metal General, obtaining damage values for attacks is relatively simple; not quite as simple as before, but it gets the job done. And with this info (or, you know, looking into the game itself to obtain these values etc. etc.), there are some things I've noted that bother me. In case the title wasn't a giveaway, damage output went down in Robobot (I cannot guarantee if Triple Deluxe went through the same process but…

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  • Superreef1388

    Dribz:What Happened To The Calendar!?

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  • Bulborb channel 3

    One day, Kirby went to Yoshi's island. Yoshi: Hey Kirby! I made a moveset for if I was in one of your games.

    Attack/Ability Imput Descritption
    Slurp 1 Yoshi will eat the projectile in front of him.
    Spit Slurp+1 Yoshi will spit the projectile stright forward.

    Yoshi Bomb


    Yoshi hits the ground and a burst of stars will suround him.
    Egg Throw Up+1 Yoshi throws an egg in the air.
    Egg Dash Dash+1 Yoshi turns into an egg an rolls forward.
    Yoshi Fly Jump Yoshi will sprout wings and fly, the wings deal damage.
    Fire Blast Jump+1  Yoshi spits a fireball in front of him, this move can be angled.


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  • SeemlySquiddy5

    Dream Friend Adventures Series:

    Dream Friend Adventures- Marx, Magolor, Susie, and Taranza team up and go on an adventure to stop the Jambandrans and the Mirror HWC 

    DFA: New Beginnings- Daroach, Dark Meta Knight, and Adeline join the crew to take down the threat known as the Computer Virus

    DFA: Death of Darkness- The Dream Friends reunite after several months to investigate a Dimension made up of Dark Matter, after fleeing the Dimension, hundreds of Dark Matter go into different Dimensions

    Original Characters: Scientist Jerry Arcanio, Zryll, Xronzo, Glorox, Captain Lock-Shock, Barrage, Computer Virus, Captain Stargain, Guards Mixeli, D. Dee Dank, and Orca R.

    DFA Sidestories: 

    Stargain: A Corrupted Mind

    Scientist Jerry: Lasers Away 

    Zryll: Mechani…

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx


    K1rby Odyssey

    The Beginning

    An Epic Splatfest

    Catseye Nebula

    Wario Ware

    Adventures in Roblox

    Battle of Plants and Zombies

    Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

    Bermuda Triangle

    Hot and Cold Desert

    Back Home

    If Léa was in...

    Jack and The Beanstalk

    Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

    Captain Toad Treasure Tracker


    FNAF (Act I)

    FNAF (Act II)

    FNAF (Act III)


    Final Fantasy

    Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Donkey Kong Adventure

    Clash Royale

    Back to the Future

    Sonic Mania

    A Hat in Time

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

    Overcooked 2

    Sushi Striker: Way of Sushido

    Mega Man 11

    Ultimate Custom Night

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Super Mario Party

    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

    Kirby's Block Ball

    NES Open Tournament

    Bloons Tower Defense

    Octoling Blu…

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  • Bin5s5

    Upcoming Dream Friends

    July 5, 2018 by Bin5s5

    OF Course after I write this A Couple Days Later it gets Revealed........GREAT   By The Way There are some spoliers for Dream Friends so Leave if you don’t want spoilers So I was just watching some videos but something caught my eye: So One interesting thing is data miners found upcoming dream freind data for... Daroach, Dark Meta Knight And Adeline There are also Wave 3 ones but I won’t be talking about them.Anyways we know that the 1st and 2nd Ones are real ,but what about this one? What do you guys think?

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  • Paul2

    Three years later, and I’m still writing up these E3 overviews! Anyway, hopes were high for this E3 for me, what with some big announcements looming. Smash Switch, most notably. And that’s exactly what we got… and (almost) nothing else. Was hoping for a couple more titles to be announced (and some elaboration on Metroid Prime 4, of course…), but this seemed to be, yet again, a year with an intense focus on a single title. Oh well!

    As for any news on the pink puff, there were no real announcements of any DLC at the conference, although it seems as though we’ll be getting Daroach and Dark Meta Knight this summer. Unsure if this means we’re only getting two in the update, but I suppose that remains to be seen.

    Without further Ado (pun intended), …

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    Hey, guys, XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx here.

    And im BACK with another Ability Review. This time, were going back in the Kirby Timeline all the way to Kirby Super Star for the SNES.

    Kirby Wears a Princess hat with explosion patterns on it, along with a gem on the front. Huh, come to think of it, Kirby wears a princess hat despite being male when using this ability.

    Bomb debuted in the game Kirby Super Star, developed by HAL Laboratory for the SNES.

    As of Kirby Star Allies, Bomb has a total of 12 Moves, including Robobot moves, Kirby Battle Royale moves, and friend abilities.

    • Bomb Throw

    This move uses "B twice". Kirby throws a bomb, and thats it. It can hit enemies that touch it and it explodes when it hits the ground. It's angle can also be changed.

    • Bomb Re…

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  • Sage2272

    Somebody Got Rid OF My Reporter Waddle Dee Page. Who did it? Why? I was still working on it...

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    Hey all. XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx here.

    This is my very first Copy Ability Review. And what better way to start it is with a new ability: Artist.

    Kirby dons a Painters Hat with a star on it along with a paintbrush. It is also seen as an "upgrade" of the existing Paint ability which was in Kirby Super Star and it's remake: Kirby Super Star Ultra.

    Artist debuted in the game: Kirby Star Allies, developed by. HAL Laboratory for the Nintendo Switch.

    Artist has a total of 8 moves, including the Friend Abilities.

    • Brush Slash

    This move uses the "B" button.

    Kirby swings his brush like a sword with this attack. Additionaly, it has an area attack because paint splatters from the brush. Meaning; it can attack enemies at a short distance, or even under or over it if…

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  • Whatadee


    May 22, 2018 by Whatadee


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  • BerrieWiki

    Title explains everything /\

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  • CZHouzit


    Shiver Star is the fifth planet visited in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. It's a strange idea, but I will now tell you a theory about Dark Matter and Zero/Zero2's recently taken over planet.

    The stages of Shiver Star are a simple snowy area, a cloudy location, a factory, and finally, a darker version of the factory.

    According to this wikia, "In circumstances not clear, the Shiver Star's inhabitants all had to move in the past". It could be possible that Shiver Star was invaded by Dark Matter and scared off the citizens living in it.

    Now, you're probably wondering why it didn't "scare off" the faries of Ripple Star.

    Think about it. Outer Space doesn't work with thin fairy wings. But space rockets built simi…

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  • CZHouzit

    Boss Battle Ideas

    May 5, 2018 by CZHouzit

    Hello, I'm here to share some boss fight ideas. Hopefully it's interesting enough to inspire someone!

    I'm pretty sure that Dyna Blade isn't commonly talked about, but thinking about fighting a mirrored version of her would be awesome. With her metal wings, a sharp claw that acts like a sword and her amazing beak, who wouldn't want to fight her after only making a few appearances or cameos in the games?

    Despite how edgy it sounds, fighting a "Dark Dyna Blade" or Dyna Blade herself in the next game would be awesome and nostalgic to a lot of players. This would make them think "Hey, It's the rainbow bird I defeated when I was still 8 years old!" or "Isn't that the bird who nearly killed King Dedede? Oh, how I missed the anime."

    Walking down memo…

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  • Vocaloid Rin

    Hello! I'm Toby Lee Rogers! I've just (not nust (lol)) joined this wiki! I like Kirby. I sometimes use Kirby In Super Smash Bros. 4! I have the game Kirby Epic Yarn! I also have a few Kirby demo games on my 3ds and I got the Kirby Aniibo (I can't spell (lol))! I've even drawn Kirby (and failed badly) before! I am glad to be a new editor here! 😝

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  • Fransica

    Bonjam! This is my very own Kirby Wiki Blog Posts Screen! I don’t make much of these, because I physically have no ideas for any, because if I talk about Mario Stuff, I’m Francisca, so That would not make sense and it would be very dumb. Alright, Jambuhbye!

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  • BFDIFAN98753235


    April 26, 2018 by BFDIFAN98753235
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  • A ramdon star

    i have/had MCA this week and i'am studing hard, so mush i had to be gone for a week. heres the days i had MCA's

    416-420. reading

    23-27 math

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  • Peridot09
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  • XNDUIW Offical

    It only had 2 phases, not 4 as in here ROBLOX is not affiliated with the kirby series and any kirby series characters added onto the game aren't official appearances approved by nintendo. I found proof of the pictures

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  • Peridot09
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  • Peridot09
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  • FireStavesCauseBlizzards

    So I've recently got 100% on Star Allies and well, I guess it's a fine game at best. However, at the same time there was some problems I still had with the it. Where to start?

    Well, I wasn't particularly happy with the game's main gimmick which was the Allies system. Now don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game with my sister and that's where I thought this game shined out the most, but when I was playing alone, I found myself actively trying to avoid using allies (unless I wanted to combine any abilities), mainly due to the fact of them playing the game for me. Not to mention it kind of felt depressing and lonely in some parts of the game where I was left thinking "You know, this segment would probably be a lot of fun if …

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  • Starry-Eyed Wonder

    I realize everybody is busy adding info for Kirby Star Allies right now, but consider taking a look at this and casting your vote. Thanks!

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  • Flare master40

    i like trains

    March 20, 2018 by Flare master40

    so today i like trains

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  • NerdyBoutKirby

    My Switch code is SW-0265-2224-8334. If you send me a friend request, please let me know which user you are. You guys are also welcome to post yours in the comments.

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  • DemonicBeast

    Hello everyone! I really want to see Kirby Star Allies 2, or DLC for Star Allies (if they ever happen) to see new Copy Abilities and Friends/Helpers. So I made some possible ideas for helpers! This is completely fanmade, but still cool! It even includes an original enemy, Axel, which gives an ability called Axe. There will be future helpers for the Fairy, Earth, Vortex, and Dragon abilities as well.

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  • Kalebdouglass

    Hello Kirby fans!

    February 25, 2018 by Kalebdouglass

    Hello Kirby fans! My name is Kaleb Douglass! I was a huge kirby fan since 2009.

    Full name: Kaleb Douglass

    Gender: Male

    1. Q: When did you play Kirby game from the past?

    A: 2009 (according to my cousins)

    2. Q: What's your first Kirby game?

    A: Kirby Squeak Squad

    3. Q: When did you join wiki fandom?

    A: July 20 2017

    I hope you have a wonderful day, thanks.

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  • KingDeDeDank


    February 17, 2018 by KingDeDeDank
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  • NerdyBoutKirby

    It's been about a month since Kirby Battle Royale released here in North America. Based on the response (or lack thereof) I've heard in that time, it appears most Kirby fans either disliked the game or didn't bother to play it. In my review of it, I stated that my vision of the game would have taken advantage of Kirby's 25th Anniversary by using more franchise fanservice. After putting more thought into it, I decided what minor tweaks I would have made to slightly improve the game, making it a more memorable anniversary gift.

    For one thing, the 10 game modes would each have three different cosmetic versions: The original one from the current game and two re-skinned variations that hearken back to past games. The re-skins would be purchased thro…

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  • Gioku

    [[User blog:Gioku/Weekly Blog 6 - Kirby Battle Royale is Delayed Again!|>
    So, after a very long wait, my copy of Kirby Battle Royale finally arrived, and last night I beat the story mode! So now I can tell you about what I think of the game.

    My favorite part of this game is its variety, it almost feels a bit like Mario Party, to me, from the variety of things to play in it, and the multiplayer aspect. All it needs is like a board game to play in between the battles, haha! My one problem with the story mode was it felt a little short, and it didn't ever get up to the challenge level I have come to expect from Kirby spinoffs after things like Blowout Blast and Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. And this costs a lot more too, for about the same length, a…

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  • Quetzalcoatl The RainWing

    None of you quite know me yet, but I'm a huge fan of Kirby, and only recently have I discovered this site, but please post about the newest kirby game I found out, I'm sure it will be a great hit! 

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  • FireStavesCauseBlizzards

    I'm a bit surprised yet not surprised at the same time seeing it make it, but what are your opinions on it winning? Do you think it desrves to be there? If you don't, explain why.

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  • Gioku

    Well I expected not to have Kirby Battle Royale by today in the first place, but now it's been delayed again and I won't have it until Monday! I ordered it through Walmart because they had it for $34 instead of $39 (and it works readily with paypal), but now that its arriving ten days after launch when I preordered it months in advance? Well, I can't say I recommend preordering stuff through Walmart, heh. I ordered a random thing on eBay the other day and it arrived in three days, so this is extra unacceptable compared to that, haha.

    Well, anyway, as promised this week I'll finally talk a bit about Kirby's Return to Dream Land! I liked it (I liked all Kirby games haha), but I didn't think it was quite a standout of the series, but I think …

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  • Iqskirby

    My definition of a spoiler generally involves plot-based information, but that's just my definition. This post contains information regarding Copy Abilities, move sets, and is pretty much void of any story content. If you're okay with that, feel free to view; otherwise, I question why you're on the wiki.

    Time flies. It's the day of the American release; I expected I'd have done this sooner, but I guess the time is now. I've seen the game's story mode twice over, and have gone back to record abilities' move sets. Something I noticed rather early on is that the ability move sets are, as I refer to them, streamlined. Something I'd talked about in regards to Kirby: Triple Deluxe was how I was bothered by moves being removed for seemingly no reas…

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  • Gioku

    I gotta level with y'all, its been so long since I did one of these because I kinda just forgot, heh. I'll try again at doing this weekly though because as always I'm trying my best to stay active on here and with new games coming out now is an especially good time to be doing so hehe!

    Anyway so what have I been up to in the last... sheesh, five months or so?? Well in the realm of Kirby games I 100% completed Kirby's Blowout Blast by spending 10 hours playing the final stage...sheesh that one was ridiculous!! Did any of you clear that one and how long did it take you? Half of my play time with the game overall was with that one stage haha. The game barely congratulates you for it as well, but I feel accomplished anyway. Also been working o…

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  • Iqskirby

    Star Allies Hype

    January 11, 2018 by Iqskirby

    Since the Mini Direct came out, I'm sure we've all seen the Kirby bit, and probably were in some form of awe. If not, you can watch it here. Despite the short clip being a little over a minute, it still offers a rather substantial amount of info, especially when tied with the other videos. So, what are you excited for in particular, or what did you see that made you think?

    I'm personally excited for the return of Suplex, since I'm a grappler. Artist seems to be a sort of throwback to Paint, and I'm wondering if it'll replace it like Magic's second appearance, or if it'll be more inline with Fire/Burning, Ice/Freeze, Spark/Plasma, or even Cupid/Archer. Speaking of Plasma, apparently its in the game, not Spark. Weird change in my opinion, sin…

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  • Iqskirby

    Kirby Air Ride Stream

    September 22, 2017 by Iqskirby

    So... title kinda says it all. I'm planning on live-streaming Kirby Air Ride on my Twitch, probably tomorrow at 2pm Eastern Daylight Time. Feel free to come by and watch. It'll just be single-player on Air Ride mode, from the ground up (aka 0/360 checklist tasks done). Don't know how long it'll be, but chances are it won't exceed 4 hours. Hope to see you there.

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  • FireStavesCauseBlizzards

    This is probably a stupid question, but I'm just curious.

    Throughout the Kirby series, we've seen these on Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, Bronto Burts, Sword Knights, Blade Knights, etc.

    At first, I thought that they were for highlighting a specific enemy with a different attack pattern, but I've noticed that some enemies behave exactly the same with or without these alternate palettes, which makes me wonder what their exact purpose is. Did Hal just put them there for the setting of the level you're in, or just for show?

    Anyway, it's not like I'm complaining about them. Like I said above, I'm just curious.

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  • NerdyBoutKirby

    As the Nintendo Direct mentioned, there is a poll to determine which Copy Ability is the most popular--and the winner may end up as a playable option in Kirby: Battle Royale. This is where the challenge arises. My current favorite ability is Beetle, but that's already present in the game; it seems like a waste. I could choose Water and Cleaning, but those are going to be in Kirby Star Allies; why double up? Other great abilities, like Poison, Wing, Bell, UFO, and Mirror, have been featured in Kirby's adventures over the past three years; while they're certainly fun to use, they've had their day in the sun only recently, and it'd feel like a waste voting for them.

    For me personally, this is a …

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  • AceFedora

    100% Completion

    September 4, 2017 by AceFedora

    So I recently emulated Kirby & the Amazing Mirror (and Nightmare in Dreamland) and can't seem to figure out why I can't get 100% completion. :(  I mean, I already defeated the final boss, went through all the rooms, and collected every collectable. What do I need to do to finish the whole game? If it's to open every treasure chest, I'm going to have a lot of time to find them...

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  • Gioku

    So to start off this post, here is something funny I saw happen, which you can check out this twitter thread I did, but what happened was, I watched this video and I got to the part about Kirby Super Star, and I noticed the logo because I thought, hey, thats a real nice render they have of it, I wonder if it is as nice/nicer than the one we have on the Kirby Wiki? On closer inspection, I noticed it is exactly the same as the one I personally ripped for the wiki (this one), haha! I was able to tell because I didn't do a perfect job (it was a tricky one as I remember), and it has the same small defects as my version! I've seen things suspected of being things Nintendo/HAL has gotten from us but this is the first I have seen that is exactly…

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  • WaddleDooFan77

    1000 EDITS!

    August 15, 2017 by WaddleDooFan77

    Just today, I reached 1000 edits on Kirby Wiki! 

    This is a big milestone for me, and I'd like to celebrate a little with this blog post. I've been on the Wiki for 4 years now, and while my number of edits may be small, I feel like my edits are consistently good and that I've successfully contributed to the Wiki. A big thank you to all the wonderful editors here (you know who you are) who've helped me attain the status of a skillful contributor. Here's to all the great times we've had on the Wiki!

    Oh, and I've also updated my signature for the occasion!

    WaddleDooFan77 Doot Doot 01:01, August 15, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Gioku

    It's been more than a week since my last one of these, but I really couldn't come up with any topics for this haha! I can probably do this more consistently if I talk about topics besides Kirby though, so if you're interested in hearing just more general things from me, let me know (you could also follow my twitter for that but I understand just wanting to stick around here haha).

    Anyway, with this being Kirby's anniversary month, I came up with a topic for a blog this week, and that is, how I got into the Kirby series. I don't remember the exact details but I believe it was in 2010 or 2011, around then, when I was about 14, I used to do yard work for my grandma and she would let me get a new video game afterward for it. I remember going o…

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  • Gioku

    Okay so, very conveniently, a new Kirby game has come out a week after my last blog haha! Anyway, now I've had two days to play it I can talk about it a bit (I haven't finished it yet tho, just started on area 5, so no spoilers please; thats also why you haven't seen me edit anything on it yet hehe)! This won't really be a review or anything, just thoughts on the game.

    So, anyway, I love it so far hehe! When I played Kirby 3D Rumble I loved that to but felt it was like, too small of a bite-sized chunk really so they did not really explore the concept of 3D Kirby game yet, but it had great potential and I was really hopeful for an expansion, and viola, here it is! I really enjoy the ways they expanded it, the levels are much larger and ther…

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