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Waddle Dees are known far and wide as puny foes. But they've been known to do what they can to bulk up. I've heard that some wear blocks like armor. Then they're tough guys!
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Block Waddle Dee is a mid-boss in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Block Waddle Dee is a Big Waddle Dee wearing a massive Star Block as armor. This block has a hole for its face but no armholes.


Kirby Mass Attack

Block Waddle Dee appears in Stage 7 of Dedede Resort and the Survival Rush sub-game. It initiates the battle by falling from the ceiling inside the hidden ship. The upper portion of the room has a suspended trapdoor platform that stores up Star Blocks. Block Waddle Dee does not move around or directly attack the Kirbys but instead stomps the floor, causing the trapdoor to drop its load of blocks. Any Kirbys squashed by these are KO'd.

To defeat the mid-boss, the player must flick the Kirbys into its armor until it breaks. Panicked, the vulnerable Waddle Dee underneath races about. The Kirbys must pummel it like a large enemy, after which the foe jumps off-screen. It falls to the floor with a new Star Block suit and the fight continues like previously. During the second and third phases, some Star Blocks reveal themselves to be Bluckos in disguise, making them more dangerous than inanimate blocks. After three successful mass attacks, Block Waddle Dee is defeated.


  • Block Waddle Dee's outline is noticeably thicker than Big Waddle Dee's in Kirby Mass Attack.