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Bite Statue[1] is a large enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Physical Appearance

Bite Statue is a tall stone statue resembling a tribal tiki. Its stone gray body is covered in subtle white designs. It has two round, innocent-looking eyes that can light up like headlights. Below these are two sets of long, flat teeth. The enemy has three spikes on its head and sits upon four more spikes. Giant Bite Statues have five spikes on their heads.


Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Bite Statues only appear in one stage: Stage 3 of Onion Ocean. Many of them are found in the stage's last room. They typically are seen in groups of two to four — these groups move in unison. A group moves by shuffling across the ground until it reaches an edge, at which point it will double back. If isolated on a short platform, a Bite Statue won't move at all.

Every few seconds, a Bite Statue's eyes will start glowing and its teeth will chatter. It will then stop dead in its tracks. The enemy's eyes mouth will open briefly, revealing a barrel with a flashing star pattern. When its eyes return to normal and its mouth closes, it continues shuffling.

Bite Statues are practically invincible. Their area is filled with trenches and alcoves so Kirby can safely pass them. They are vulnerable to only one Copy Ability: the Monster Flame Super Ability. Kirby must wait for them to open their mouths so he can attack their barrels; one hit is enough to break a barrel. Without the object for support, the foe's head (with eyes extinguished) crashes down on its lower body, destroying it.

Bite Statues drop stars and occasional pieces of food upon defeat.