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Flapping to new horizons!
— Birdon • Kirby Star Allies

Birdon is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Super Star. Birdon appears rather frequently in-game and gives the Wing ability when eaten. Birdon is also the Wing Helper. Birdon naturally has the same moves as Kirby with the Wing ability. He also reappears as an enemy in both Kirby: Triple Deluxe and Kirby Star Allies.

Physical Appearance

Birdon is a small parrot-like enemy best known for his large blue eyes and wearing an aviator hat with goggles mounted to it. Birdon also has Kirby-like feet. He has a bright, feathery mohawk similar to Dyna Blade and they come in a variety of different colors.

In Kirby Super Star Ultra, a card of Birdon appears in the sub-game Kirby Card Swipe. Birdon's card features his enemy coloration.


Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra

Birdon appears in Kirby Super Star as an uncommon enemy and a Helper. The enemy version shoots sharp feathers at Kirby and attempts to charge into him. Birdon is also an aerial enemy and he has no trouble attacking Kirby from the air; it is rare to see a Birdon attacking from the ground. He is weak to the Sizzle element. The Helper can use all of these techniques in addition to the ones that Wing Kirby can use. He can perform the Feather Gun attack underwater, albeit only a single feather going straight. In Kirby Super Star Ultra, a Birdon is also a playable in Helper to Hero as the representative for the Wing ability. This one is green with a purple hat, yellow wing tips, and a pink Mohawk and pink shoes. His colors also changed slightly in appearance, since he is now less colorful and bright.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Birdon reappears as an uncommon enemy in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. He first appears in the extra stage of Fine Fields. Like before, he flies back and forth and shoots feathers.

Kirby Star Allies

Birdon reappears in Kirby Star Allies as an enemy and a friend. He can be controlled by a CPU or another player. As a friend, he loses the aviator hat and googles and instead wears the Wing copy ability's headgear.


"Birdon" comes from the name of the type of animal he is based on, "bird."

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese バードン Translates to Birdon.
English Birdon
Traditional Chinese 飛行鳥 Translates to Flying Bird.
Simplified Chinese 飞行鸟 Translates to Flying Bird.
German Dora Dora
French Oazo Oazo. Derived from the French word for "bird," "oiseau."
Italian Talpagallo Talpagallo. Derived from the Italian bird for "parrot," "pappagallo."
Spanish Pajarón Pajarón. Derived from the Spanish word for "bird," "pájaro." The word "pajarón" also means that someone who is distracted, giddy and clumsy.

Related Quotes

Look at his frantic flappin'! (laughs) Up up up up up!
— Kit Ellis • Kirby Star Allies New Levels & Boss Fight Co-op Gameplay - Nintendo Minute
He hates spending every day stuck in a bird cage and decides to see how high he can fly! And just that easily, he’s off to find freedom. Fly high and fast!
— Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! description • Kirby Star Allies
A flying foe with fearsome feathers who can divebomb enemies and carry comrades. Teaming up with Birdon also lets friends share his blustery Wind abilities.
— Choose your buddy • Play Nintendo





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