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Birdee is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack. It is a member of Big Birdee's family.

Physical Appearance

Birdee looks very similar to Big Birdee. It is yellow and round, with a sharp red beak, orange talons, and yellow wings and tail feathers. Its crest is significantly smaller and it wears orange overalls with a single yellow button. Its eyes are rarely opened.


Kirby Mass Attack


Toward the end of Stage 1 of Green Grounds, the Kirbys fire out of an autocannon. They inadvertently crash into Big Birdee, launching her away and knocking her basket of fruit to the ground. When the Kirbys traverse the treetops in Stage 3, Big Birdee and her family attack the Kirbys. The Kirbys are victorious in the battle, cementing the Birdee family's grudge against them.

Time passes, and the youngest members of the Birdee family, the Wee Birdees, are kidnapped by the Gegs. Big Birdee is heartbroken by this. In Stage 11 of Sandy Canyon, the Kirbys recover the chicks and return them to their mother. She is overjoyed and becomes a permanent ally to the heroes.

Because of this, the Birdees assist the Kirbys in their time of need. A Birdee carries a bell at the beginning and end of the Teetering Tree, which the Kirbys must use to get a ride from Big Birdee. A pair of Birdees also aid the heroes in the battle with Skullord by providing them with a container to hold molten rocks.

As an enemy

Birdee appears frequently in the first few stages in Green Grounds and occasionally in Sandy Canyon. The enemy attacks the Kirbys by flying overhead and throwing red spike balls or explosive coconuts at them. Some Birdees may instead carry fruit and medals. The enemy can be defeated with only a few Kirbys or repeated attacks from one.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Birdee appears as a keychain in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.


Birdee's Japanese name, トリィ (Toryi), comes form the Japanese word for bird, とり/鳥/禽 (Tori).


  • Birdee is the only regular enemy in the series that goes from being an obstacle to a friendly character based on story progression.
  • Despite the fact that the crash in the beginning of the game is the reason behind Big Birdee's antagonism, Birdee appears as an enemy in the game before that crash occurs. Similarly, even after Birdee stops appearing as an enemy following the Kirbys' retrieval of the Wee Birdees, some Birdees still act as foes in Stage 10 of Volcano Valley.