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Big Warwiggle is the mid-boss in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack. It is a large variant of Warwiggle.

Physical Appearance

Big Warwiggle is a giant worm-like creature that resembles its smaller counterpart as its name suggests. It has a long blue body comprising numerous rounded, metallic segments. Its bubble-like clitellum is orange and made of two segments. The mid-boss's head is wide, and its face sports squinty eyes and has big round red lips. It wears a spiky gray helmet.

Big Warwiggle's undead incarnation looks different. Its helmet, head, and body are magenta-purple; the latter is covered in spikes as well. Its lips are blue and clitellum is yellow.


Kirby Mass Attack

Big Warwiggle first appears in Stage 9 of Green Grounds and reappears in Stage 9 of Volcano Valley, as well as the Survival Rush sub-game. When the Kirbys run into its room, they find the ground and ceiling to be made of thick soil. Big Warwiggle emerges from the ground on the right, containing the Goal Door. It attacks in three phases, using variations of the same attack. To damage the mid-boss, the player must rapidly flick the Kirbys into its clitellum.

In its first phase, Big Warwiggle erupts from the ground, its position telegraphed by dust clouds. It merely holds its position for several seconds before burrowing back into the ground and trying again. After sustaining enough damage, it begins the second phase: It emerges from the ground quickly, burrows, and reemerges elsewhere. After taking more damage, it starts its final phase. The mid-boss burrows up into the ceiling and wraps around, poking its head down to the ground below. This move takes up two-thirds of the screen but always starts on the left or right side, so the player cannot be trapped by the mid-boss and forced to take damage.

The Kirbys defeat Big Warwiggle, causing it to cough up the Goal Door and explode piece by piece. It is resurrected in Volcano Valley and dwells in a concealed room below its grave. Its attacks are unaltered, but the mid-boss now has spikes covering its body, making it riskier to attack. When defeated, it spits out the key to Buzzybat's door and explodes once more.


  • There is a shortcut in defeating Big Warwiggle in Stage 9 of Green Grounds. The player must get the Jumbo Candy and quickly make it through the stage in time before the effect wears off. When the fight begins, one touch from the Kirbys instantly defeats the mid-boss.