Big Warwiggle is the mid-boss version of Warwiggle that appears in Kirby Mass Attack. He first appears as a mid-boss of Stage 9 in Green Grounds and reappears in Stage 9 of Volcano Valley.

Physical Appearance

Big Warwiggle looks like his smaller counterpart, but has an overhauled design. His body is blue instead of orange, he has more body segments (which are blue and made of metal), and his face is slightly different. In Volcano Valley, his body is magenta-purple and adorned with spikes, and his neck is yellow.


As a mid-boss in Green Grounds, Big Warwiggle simply attacks by emerging from the ground, like a regular Warwiggle would. However, in the final phase of the battle, he also burrows through the ceiling, causing him to wrap around the screen.

As a mid-boss in Volcano Valley, his attacks are unaltered, but he now has spikes on his body, making him harder to defeat.

How to Defeat

In order to defeat Big Warwiggle, the Kirbys have to use the same method for defeating a regular Warwiggle: hitting his bubble-like neck. Though, as a mid-boss, they must do this several times to defeat him. After this, Big Warwiggle will spit out whatever he just swallowed, which is usually a key or a door.


  • There is a shortcut in defeating Big Warwiggle in Stage 9 of Green Grounds. The player must get the Jumbo Candy and quickly make it through the stage before the effect wears off. Then, in the fight against Big Warwiggle, the Kirbys can simply touch him to immediately defeat him.