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This is a book store, not a library! Hehe.
— Biblio • Waddle While You Work

Biblio is one of the later introduced characters in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He runs Cappy Town's book store. Biblio was first introduced where he could be seen a few times in Watermelon Felon, but his first speaking role was in the next episode, A Novel Approach.

He is notable for most of his appearances being limited to either short ones or even cameos, and thus, compared to the other townspeople in Cappy Town, doesn't seem to get much character development nor have very many speaking roles.

Physical Appearance

Biblio is a pear-shaped Cappy with a brown moustache and eyebrows, a tan vest with reddish-brown pockets, and a pair of circular, light blue spectacle glasses.


Biblio's name is derived from the prefix "biblio-", which is associated with books.


But I can't ignore infractions by every self-appointed dictator who waltzes in. Hey! Get back here!
— Biblio • A Novel Approach
No browsing without buying!
— Biblio • Monster Management (Japanese version only)
Ehh, the King left those yesterday. I haven't sold a one of them!
— Biblio • Fossil Fools - Part I