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Step away from the scroll, or prepare to face a real ninja!
— Benikage • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Benikage is a guest character appearing in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Ninja Binge. Having flunked out of ninja school, he showed up in Cappy Town to retrieve his failing report scroll, which everyone mistook for an ancient ninja scroll.

Though he's determined, Benikage's ninjutsu skills are about on par with Kawasaki's cooking; both are hard workers and try their best at what they do, but their attempts are done almost in vain.

However, his stubbornness and curiosity almost got him killed when he challenged the traitor Yamikage, but thankfully, Ninja Kirby was there to help out. After the fight, Benikage promised to Kirby and the gang that he would get all straight circles next time he attended ninja school, and attempted to impress them with his ninja teleportation technique - only to accidentally end up falling in the river and being swept away in it. Tiff asked him if he could swim, and Benikage promised that would be his next class.

Physical Appearance

Benikage is round in appearance and wears a red ninja outfit. He wears gray sandals with blue strings as well as a sheath on his back. His skin is colored like regular human flesh and he has a pair of eyebrows over his beady, green eyes, as well as round, rosy cheeks.


  • In the English dub, Tuff said Benikage's throwing skill is worse than Kirby's, and the throwing stars are said to be plastic. However in the Japanese version, his throwing skill is as bad as Kirby's, and the stars sounded like they're made of metals.