Pie pie pie pie pie!
— Belly Buster • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Belly Buster (Power Stomach in Japan) is a grotesque, vulgar pie monster appearing in the episode A Half-Baked Battle. It was one of the many monsters hired by King Dedede in the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. After Dedede gets angry at the Cappies and starts a large-scale pie war with them, he orders this Demon Beast to bury the town in pie. It first appears as a large pie that hovers through the air. It doesn't take insults very well, and throws nasty-tasting pies at it's enemies when angered. Its first form forces almost everyone in Cappy Town to eat its vile pies. Unfortunately, when everyone begins to complain about the pies, Belly Buster takes it personally, and goes on a rampage flinging pies at everyone. After it gets even angrier, it reveals its true form- a giant stomach-like being. It eats Kirby, Dedede, and Escargoon. Dedede come up with a dangerous (and not well planned out at all) scheme to explode Belly Buster and save them all from being digested, not realizing that they would be blown up too. Escargoon, who at the time worries more about being blown up than being digested, convinces Kirby to eat a bomb. Kirby does so and becomes Bomb Kirby. Kirby's bombs destroy Belly Buster from the inside and free the trio.

Physical Appearance

Belly Buster's first form is a pie-like pastry. It has a custard filling acting as the majority of its body, large red lips (which is actually jelly), and five orange hands sticking out of its body. Each hand holds a frying pan which it uses to throw out its pies. Its center is betwixt two orange waffle-like structures.

Belly Buster's second form is that of a giant brown stomach. It has sunken-in red eyes and pink dots on its body which almost blend in with the rest of its body.


  • The only character present in the episode that is not covered in pie at any time in the episode is Buttercup, who even withstands Belly Buster's pie onslaught. She simply blocks virtually every pie thrown at her with her parasol.
  • Belly Buster's pies are so bad, even Kirby can't stand them.


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