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Beanstalk Park is an Air Ride course in Kirby Air Ride. It is a peaceful garden with gigantic grassy plants, airships and water features floating high above Dream Land. The alternate music for the course is a remix of the tutorial music in Kirby Super Star.

General Information

Beanstalk Park has many levels and possible routes by which to complete a lap. Which one is better depends on the Air Ride Machine of the player, but usually the higher length of track is the more desirable one. There are many grind rails which sprout out of broader beams in the manner of plant tendrils, and these always provide a faster route through the course, and a route back up to a higher length of track. The track's main feature is the bean Ferris-wheel, which carries the player from the usual route to a section which favors machines with high turning ability.

Another noticeable feature worth mentioning is the four colored vine/rails that lead to the finish line. The two to the left start to go straight up and back down and into floating blue rings that launch Kirby to the finish line. The two to the right loop around more before they make it to the same blue rings.


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Air Ride: Beanstalk Park
Beanstalk Park in Kirby Air Ride
Kirby Air Ride
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Alt track: The Beginner's Room - (KSS)
Kirby Air Ride
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Beanstalk Park is an Air Ride course in Kirby Air Ride, set in a theme park in the middle of a verdant garden. The unlockable alternate track is the tutorial theme in Kirby Super Star.