Just move your Kirbys in unison, and keep that tower in check. You know you're about to see the tower come falling down when the bats fly off. Keep an eye on them.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Bats are small creatures appearing in Kirby Mass Attack. They only appear in Stage 8 of Volcano Valley.

Physical Appearance

Bats are purpleish-black creatures that look like normal vampire bats. They have white eyes, and a pink nose and ears.


Bats hang from the outside ledges of the Skull Tower. They cannot hurt the Kirbys -- in fact, the Kirbys can't even interact with the mammals. They merely act as a warning for the player; when the Kirbys tilt the Skull Tower too far to one side, the bats on the tree will panic and fly away, giving the player a nonverbal cue to move the Kirbys to the other side. If the player does not act quickly enough, the tower will collapse and instantly KO all the Kirbys, resulting in an immediate game over.

Any bat on the screen when the tower is tilting too far will fly away. Even if the player balances the tower, those bats will not return. This means the player must use the bats' warning well. The bats appear hanging from ledges on the outside of every room in Skull Tower (except the exit). Bats can be thought of as allies to Kirby, because they assist the player without harming the hero.

The Rhino Beetles that appear in Stage 11 of Dedede Resort serve the same purpose as bats.




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