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Evade all Banishbacks in Stage 4 of Volcano Valley, then clear the stage without using the shortcut.
— Forward Mover • Kirby Mass Attack

Banishback is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Banishback appears as a big, round purple spirit resembling a cloud with a blue mouth that is expressed in a wide, sinister smile. They make an off-key whining sound that gets louder as they come closer. There are several sizes of Banishbacks, but they all look near identical with the only differences being their sizes and slightly different expressions.


Kirby Mass Attack

Banishback appears exclusively in Stage 4 of Volcano Valley. Banishbacks cannot damage the Kirbys; instead, they serve more as hazards than enemies. If a Kirby touches one, it sucks the heroes in and takes them back to the beginning of the room. After being taken back to the start of the room by a Banishback, blocks, enemies, and shells respawn and regenerate to their original state.

Banishback's mobility is rather slow, but the larger ones can take up a great deal of space. The enemy is able to pass through walls (if they go through walls on their route,) as well as disappear and reappear. Banishbacks are present on land and underwater. Banishbacks occasionally may come in groups of two.

Banishbacks can be defeated by Jumbo Candy. The upper route in Stage 4 is set up so the player can defeat them that way.


Banishback is a combination of the words "banish" and "back," referring to Banishback's ability to send the Kirbys to an earlier point in the level.

Likewise, its Japanese name ブリンバ (Burinba) is a shortening of "bring back".


  • One of the checklist tasks requires the player to complete Stage 4 of Volcano Valley without coming into contact with a Banishback, and without using the shortcut.