Inflate! Pop to stun enemies!
— Balloon's Flavor Text • Kirby: Canvas Curse

Balloon is a copy ability that has technically only appeared in Kirby Canvas Curse.

When Kirby dashes forward into Bloon, he gains the ability to inflate himself, much like a party balloon. If you tap the screen with the stylus, Kirby will blow up and become in inflated balloon. As a balloon, his body turns red and he can float leisurely through the air. But like all balloons, he is extremely fragile, and if tapped by the stylus enough times, he will pop and shrink back down in a tremendous explosion. But this blast can also take out enemies.

In earlier games, namely Kirby's Dream Land and Spring Breeze, Kirby had similar properties (though he still has arms) when he imbibes the power of the Sparkling Stars. But in these earlier appearances, Kirby doesn't return back to normal size in an explosion, but instead by simply releasing the Sparkling Stars.

A similar ability that appeared in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards was the Exploding Gordo combo ability.

Attacks and Features

Attack Name Controls Description Element
Inflate Tap with stylus Kirby inflates to tremendous proportions and floats around freely. None
Pop Tap with stylus four times Kirby explodes and stuns enemies. None
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