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Get the ball to your flag!
— Battle rules • Kirby Battle Royale

The ball is an item in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Battle Royale.

Physical Appearance

The ball is a blue and yellow sphere slightly larger than Kirby. It has a blue star pattern on its front and back.


Kirby Battle Royale

The ball appears exclusively in the Flagball game mode. The player's objective is to hit the blue flag with it to earn points--the first team to reach seven points wins. The ball is placed in the center of the stage at the beginning of the match and respawns closer to the losing team in subsequent rounds. A participant can pick it up with the R Button and carry it, though he cannot fly while holding it.

The ball is thrown with the B Button. It can be tossed forward or upward and covers a considerable distance either direction. It develops a tail that matches the color of the team that threw it. The ball has light attack power in this state; any opponent who gets in the its way is launched and hurt slightly. This can be a worthwhile sacrifice if it prevents an opponent from scoring a point. The player dunks the ball for a guaranteed point if he/she throws it while standing immediately in front of the flag.

Related Quotes

You'll score when the ball connects with your blue flag. First team to seven points wins!
— Aim for the blue flag • Kirby Battle Royale


  • Because the Whip ability can grab the ball from a distance, it is generally considered the most advantageous Copy Ability for Flagball.
  • If a character dunks the ball on the opponents' flag, his eyes widen, suggesting that he realizes his mistake immediately afterward. The opponent scores a point at this player's expense.


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