Grab foes—then slam them to the ground!
— Kirby Battle Royale - Kirby's 25th Anniversary Copy Ability Poll

Backdrop (spelled Back Drop in Kirby's Adventure) is one of Kirby's Copy Abilities.

General Information

Backdrop has only appeared in Kirby's Adventure and its remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land to date. With this ability, Kirby is able to grab onto enemies by inhaling (or, in the GBA remake, a lunging dash) and perform various powerful moves on them using the +Control Pad and jump button. Backdrop can also be used to throw projectiles, such as Sir Kibble's cutters or Shotzo's bullets.

Backdrop has a near-identical function as Suplex, though its similarity to Suplex was increased when Backdrop appeared in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. Backdrop's hat (which has appeared only in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land), a red headband, is also very similar to that of the Fighter ability, the only difference being that Backdrop's headband is slightly darker in color than Fighter's.

Kirby's various directional throws in the Super Smash Bros. series are mostly based on the moves he can perform with Backdrop and Suplex. Backdrop's main weakness is the fact that, in some games, Kirby may jump off stage and lose a stock while executing the throw.

Backdrop has only appeared in two games. Suplex, a similar ability, is considered its replacement because it comes from the same enemy and is basically a more advanced version of the ability.


Move Controls Description
Capture B Kirby grabs an opponent nearby.
KA logo
Kirby inhales to grab opponents, similarly to Throw.
KNiD logo
Kirby dashes to grab opponents, similarly to Suplex.
Throw/Drop Capture + Do nothing / ← / → / ↑ / ↓ / + or - distance by pressing ← or → with A By pressing up, down, left, or right while holding an object, Kirby will flip the enemy, item, or mid-bosses (when defeated) in the pressed direction; though, after a period of time, if the player doesn't choose which button, Kirby will automatically choose without the player's interference. Also, if the jump button is pressed while Kirby is grounded and holding something, Kirby will jump very high in a forward direction and land his captured object to the ground (pressing left or right also affects the jump's distance while he travels through the air. If he grabs an object in mid-air, Kirby will fall through the air downwards - though in the remake, Kirby throws his captured object to the ground without having to go down himself with it.

Flavor texts

GameFlavor text
KA logo
Kirby can use a powerful wrestling technique, the back drop, to defeat his opponents!
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Whoo-HAAH! Once I grab a foe, throw him with +!

Related Quotes

Kirby can use six tricks to win!
— Intro description • Kirby's Adventure

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese バックドロップ Officially romanized as Back Drop.
English Back Drop
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KNiD logo
German Back Drop
KA logo

KNiD logo
Same as English.
KA logo

KNiD logo
French Jeté
KA logo

KNiD logo
Translates to Thrown. The Throw ability has a different name in French.
KA logo

Translates to Somersault.
KNiD logo
Italian Schianto Translates to Crash or Knockout. The Crash ability has a different name in Italian.
Spanish ¡Kiaaa! Translates to Kiaaa!






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