Go for a ride and steal points!
— Description • Kirby Battle Royale

Attack Riders is one of the ten game modes in Kirby Battle Royale. Players attack in a ring-shaped arena for ninety seconds and can ride a vehicle to get an advantage. Each player starts with 100 chips; the player/team with the most points wins. It is unlocked by default. The mode has similarities to Coin Battle from the Super Smash Bros. game series.


The Cake Royale

Attack Riders is first played in the first Bronze League Battle in Story Mode.

Battle Mode

Players attack each other in order to steal chips; stolen chips are automatically collected and put in that player's backpack. If a player is KO'd, that player will drop chips that can be picked up as an additional penalty, along with receiving a notification of who they were "done in by." A vehicle will appear in the center of the battle ring to eventually be accessible to the players; vehicles are gray when not mounted, but change to blue or red depending on the player riding it. Players riding a vehicle can move, jump, and perform a powerful charge attack. Players can be forced off the vehicle by taking damage. After enough time has passed, a second vehicle will appear.


Attack Biker

Attack Biker has two large platforms and lets players mount the Blaze Wheelie, which can perform a dash attack as its charge move. It takes a while to charge and has a slow turn. If two opposing Blaze Wheelies dash into each other, they will rebound.

Attack Tanker

Attack Tanker has no platforms, but lets players ride an Electro Shock Tank. It shoots electro shocks from its mouth, and has a quicker turn and charge than Blaze Wheelie. However, the lack of platforms can make it difficult to avoid players trying to steal the vehicle. If two opposing Electro Shock Tanks shoot at each other, the electro shocks will dissipate upon hitting each other.

Battle Bonuses

  • Nimble Runner
    • Got hit the least by vehicle attacks!
  • Ride Sideswiper
    • Knocked rivals out of vehicles the most!
  • Ruthless Rider
    • Struck others with vehicle attacks the most!
  • Survival Rider
    • Rode vehicles for the longest time!

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Attack your rivals to take away their chips. Whoever holds the most chips at the end wins!
— Steal chips from rivals • Kirby Battle Royale
The more chips a competitor has, the easier they are to take. Greater damage gets more too.
— How to steal more • Kirby Battle Royale
When the vehicle's gauge is full, press B to attack. Avoid taking damage or you'll fall out!
— Hop on that ride • Kirby Battle Royale
Ride the machines and gather chips!
— Collection Lists • Kirby Battle Royale
Attack rivals and collect their chips. Pull off an attack while riding a machine to get even more chips.
— Description • Kirby Battle Royale official website