KPR Susie artwork This article is about the ability appearing in Kirby Star Allies. For the similar ability appearing in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra, see Paint.
Set out on a voyage of training with a colorful paintbrush on your side! Materialize yummies to share with your friends. It's like magic! Art has the power to save the world!
— Flavor text • Kirby Star Allies

Artist is a Copy Ability in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Star Allies.


Kirby Star Allies

Artist focuses on using a paintbrush as a weapon, summoning enemies by painting them to life, and creating or painting sculptures, to deal damage; Brush Slash and Brush Splash can paint blank signs to materialize Items, and counters the Sizzle and Zap elements. Artist has two Friend Abilities, Still Life and Rock Painter; Still Life paints a picture of Fridge Kirby to drop food items that corresponds to the number of Friends there are, Rock Painter paints a massive stone statue that splashes paint upon landing. Artist is obtained from the Vividria mid-boss, who is its Friend Helper.


Move Controls Description Damage
Brush Slash B Kirby swings his paintbrush forward, unleashing a splash of paint. 24 (brush), 16 (paint)
Brush Splash Dash + B Kirby rushes forward and swings his paintbrush, unleashing a splash of paint. 24 (brush), 16 (paint)
Painter ↓ + B Kirby produces an easel and paints a character. This character jumps out of the canvas and moves forward for several seconds, periodically attacking. Images of King Dedede, Meta Knight, Bandana Waddle Dee, and Full Belly Kirby[1] can be produced. King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandana Waddle Dee all stop and attack two times before disappearing, each traveling the same distance; Full Belly Kirby doesn't stop, and travels farther than the others. 16 (easel), 36 (King Dedede), 32 (Bandana Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, Full Belly Kirby)
Sculpture ↓↑ + B Kirby produces a large slab of rock and carves it into a sculpture. The size of the stone is random. Kirby then holds his carving above his head and loses the ability to move, only able to rotate. 8
Creative Destruction Press B after Sculpture Kirby swings his sculpture twice and then smashes it against the ground. This destroys the sculpture. 50 per swing, 18 (urn)
Painbrush Press and hold ↓ + Y Kirby holds his brush in front of himself. After it grows several times, he swings it wildly, covering the screen with paint. This drops the ability, and cannot be used by Vividria. 60, 70 (last hit)
Still Life Press and hold ↑ Kirby produces an easel and paints a refrigerator. It releases food items corresponding to the number of Friends (one if alone). This move cannot be used again until it recharges. 4 (easel)
Rock Painter During Stone's Stone Change, attack with Brush Slash, etc. Kirby paints the stone with Brush Slash or Brush Splash, which will transform it into a giant painted statue that will rise on air and drop, and also slide on slopes. This move can be used on any character that has a stone transformation, e.g. Rick & Kine & Coo's Stone Rick and Gooey's Stone Gooey; Rick's and Gooey's statues are always the same, whereas Stone's and Rocky's have multiple variants. 40 (transformation), 120 (drop), 50 (paint)


Cameo Origin Attack Image
King Dedede
KDL logo
Painter KSA Cameo 4
Bandana Waddle Dee
Painter KSA Cameo 2
Meta Knight
KA logo
Painter KSA Cameo 3
Kirby (After 3.0.0 update)
BlowoutBlast Logo
Painter PaintingKirby KSA
KDL logo
Sculpture KSA Cameo 5
KTD logo
Sculpture KSA Cameo 6
Sculpture KSA Cameo 7
K64 logo2
Still Life KSA Cameo 1

Related Quotes

Unleash the power of paint on your foes.
— Description • Kirby Star Allies official website
Paint pictures on blank signs to get items!
— Loading screen description • Kirby Star Allies

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese アーティスト Translates to Artist.
English Artist
Traditional Chinese 藝術家 Translates to Artist.
Simplified Chinese 艺术家 Translates to Artist.
German Künstler Translates to Artist.
French Artiste Translates to Artist.
Italian Artista Translates to Artist.
Spanish Artista Translates to Artist.


  • Artist's concept and design may be inspired by Adeleine, an artist character in the series. This is especially noticeable with the red beret that both she and Artist Kirby wear, as well as Adeleine being a Friend and featuring similar moves.
  • The statue of Susie that can be produced using Sculpture is a parody of both the Venus de Milo and various Greek-style statues and fountains of the astrological symbol Aquarius, the water carrier; the statue is internally referred to as Goddess.
  • This ability can be seen as an upgrade to the Paint ability from Kirby Super Star. Instead of being one-use, Kirby creates paintings and swings his brush as a weapon, as well as creating sculptures.
    • Additionally, the Painbrush move, where Kirby covers the screen in paint and discards the ability, works similarly to Paint's main function.



Concept Artwork



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