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Press the B button to throw a patch and open a new stage!
— Place a Patch • Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

An Area Patch is an item appearing in the games Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. These can be obtained by completing a level and can only be used in their corresponding world (an Area Patch obtained in Grass Land can only be used in Grass Land). These will cause something to happen on the overworld and will unlock new areas to explore and levels to complete.

List of Area Patches

Grass Land

Name Unlocks Patch Description
Butterfly patch Flower Fields KEY Butterfly Patch.png A pair of butterflies emerges from the patch and land on a group of large flowers. The plants bloom spectacularly as the insects flutter around them, opening the path to this level.
Alarm Clock patch Rainbow Falls KEY Alarm Clock Patch.png The alarm clock appears underground right next to a sleeping bear. It then gets set off, ringing its alarm causing the bear to slowly wake up. As the bear gets up, he stretches and yawns, which causes the land above him to rise and open the way to this level. He then goes back to sleep.
Bean patch Big-Bean Vine KEY Bean Patch.png A bean is planted into the ground and a beanstalk sprouts out and grows from the ground, leading the way to this level.
Watering Can patch Fangora Boss Battle KEY Watering Can Patch.png A watering can appears and waters the soil beneath the beanstalk. The beanstalk then grows even larger, allowing access to Fangora.
Mole patch Mole Hole KEY Mole Patch.png A mole tunnels through the base of a hill, causing it to shrink and reveal the next level.
Firecracker patch Weird Woods KEY Firecracker Patch.png

A firecracker surprises an owl into flying away, dropping a curtain with platforms to the next level.

Hot Land

Name Unlocks Patch Description
Genie patch Lava Landing KEY Genie Patch.png A magic lamp appears on the ground, causing a genie to come out of it. This genie then inhales deeply and blows air at the rolled-up rug area ahead, opening up more of the map.
Boxing Bell patch Cool Cave KEY Boxing Bell Patch.png The boxing bell rings, which summons a large boxing genie to drop in and punch the last remaining part of the rolled-up rug, unveiling more of the area.
Torch patch Dino Jungle KEY Torch Patch.png A torch lights itself on a set of logs, causing a fire which cooks the chunk of meat above. A large, sauropod-like dinosaur appears from the cave and notices the hunk of meat. It then proceeds to take a bite out of and eat it whole and leaving the bone, opening the way to this level.
Pepper patch Hot Wings Boss Battle KEY Pepper Patch.png The volcano in the center of the map is exposed to a hot pepper, which causes it to erupt intensely. Lava fills the symbol in the background and causes clouds to appear, opening the way to Hot Wings.
Hourglass patch Temper Temple KEY Hourglass Patch.png A square-like shape appears over a transparent pyramid in the background, and then it switches itself around to form an hourglass, which fills itself up from the bottom. It then turns itself upside-down, causing the sand to fill up said pyramid, opening the way to this level.
Candle patch Dusk Dunes KEY Candle Patch.png The candle lights a fuse beneath a dark city. A series of fireworks goes off, causing the clouds around the city to move away, and opening up the next level.

Treat Land

Name Unlocks Patch Description
Hammer patch Mushroom Run KEY Hammer Patch.png A large hammer smashes the ground, causing large mushrooms to pop up. Mushroom Run is now accessible.
Cake patch Sweets Park KEY Cake Patch.png A large cake falls from the sky, opening the path to Sweets Park.
Candy patch Melody Town KEY Candy Patch.png The new patch causes a piano-themed layer of cake to pop up above the first layer. The piano emits two streams of music notes and opens up the next level.
Air Pump patch Squashini Boss Battle KEY Air Pump Patch.png The air pump inflates a pumpkin-shaped balloon near Toy Tracks' door. Once fully inflated, the balloon floats high in the sky, allowing access to Squashini.
Cookie patch Cocoa Station KEY Cookie Patch.png Yet another layer of cake is added above the piano, opening the door to Treat Land's first bonus level.
Chocolate patch Dark Manor KEY Chocolate Patch.png As a final touch to the massive cake, an ominous chocolate manor emerges from the very top, allowing access to the next bonus level.

Water Land

Name Unlocks Patch Description
Whistle patch Blub-Blub Ocean KEY Whistle Patch.png A whistle is blown, surprising a school of fish. The fish promptly move away from a door, giving Kirby access to Blub-Blub Ocean.
Hoop patch Secret Island KEY Hoop Patch.png A red-and-white striped hoop will appear on the sea, and a dolphin, an orca, and a blue whale will try to hop through it. The whale then decides to stay at the surface and spout water, allowing Kirby to enter Secret Island.
Heart patch Deep-Dive Deep KEY Heart Patch.png A female angler will appear and kiss a big, male angler on the light. The male angler lights up, removing the darkness around it and opening the way to Deep-Dive Deep.
Octopus Nook patch Capamari Boss Battle KEY Octopus Nook Patch.png A large jar will appear next to Capamari's door. The octopus lying in front of the door will enter the jar instead, allowing Kirby to battle Capamari.
Treasure Map patch Boom Boatyard KEY Treasure Map Patch.png Treasure appears beneath Secret Island, causing a pirate ship to pull up next to the island. Kirby can then climb aboard and enter Boom Boatyard.
Wrench patch Fossil Reef KEY Wrench Patch.png Tools appear and fix a broken submarine, which immediately sails away and leaves Fossil Reef available to play.

Snow Land

Name Unlocks Patch Description
Mitten patch Cozy Cabin KEY Mitten Patch.png A mitten appears, taking the yarn from the big snowman's hat to make a cabin that looks identical with the mitten itself. Cozy Cabin will become available.
Spool patch Mt. Slide KEY Spool Patch.png A huge spool will appear right next to the big snowman and it takes some of the yarn from the big snowman's head, as the body becomes the head. The spool then stitches the nearby mountain and completing Mt. Slide. After that, Kirby can go to the mountain to continue his journey.
Snowflake patch Frosty Wheel KEY Snowflake Patch.png A huge snowflake appears and unravels even more yarn from the big snowman's body. The snowflake will spin around, thus making a giant snowflake wheel. Once it's done, the wheel will slow down, allowing Kirby to reach Frosty Wheel.
Diamond Dust patch King Dedede Boss Battle KEY Diamond Dust Patch.png Diamond dust appears, along with a strong wind. The wind will blow the remaining yarn from the snowman and create an aurora with it, leaving a small snowman dressed in a crown and cloak. When the aurora is finished, a door will open, allowing Kirby to challenge King Dedede.
Penguin patch Frigid Fjords KEY Penguin Patch.png Five penguins appear and belly slide along the way. When they're belly sliding, they will knock out ice pillars and allowing Kirby to visit Frigid Fjords.
Holiday Gift patch Evergreen Lift KEY Holiday Gift Patch.png Confetti, fireworks, presents, and trumpet sounds will play just like when it's Christmas. The pine trees suddenly light up, giving Kirby access to Evergreen Lift.

Space Land

Name Unlocks Patch Description
Plug patch Tube Town KEY Plug Patch.png A plug and wire extend from the massive television on the right of the world. The screen lights up, allowing Kirby to reach Tube Town.
Radio Waves patch Mysterious UFO KEY Radio Waves Patch.png A satellite sends some sonar waves into space. UFO's come all of a sudden, unlocking Mysterious UFO.
Twinkling Star patch Stellar Way KEY Twinkling Star Patch.png A star appears and creates a constellation at the top of the UFO. Kirby can jump on the constellation and reach Stellar Way.
Switch patch Meta Knight Boss Battle KEY Switch Patch.png A switch appears at the bottom of Space Land and activates itself. It then reveals a large dome at the center of Space Land. Kirby can then battle Meta Knight.
Satellite patch Moon Base KEY Satellite Patch.png A satellite on a moon wrapped with yarn rolls up the yarn, revealing Moon Base.
Shooting Star patch Outer Rings KEY Shooting Star Patch.png A bear-like thing is hula hooping on a planet that resembles Saturn. The patch causes stars to shoot down and bonk the thing on the head, opening Outer Rings.

Dream Land

Name Unlocks Patch Description
Crank Handle patch Tempest Towers KEY Crank Handle Patch.png A Waddle Dee uses the crank to unrolls a cloth, revealing the entrance to Tempest Towers.
Pinwheel patch Cloud Palace KEY Pinwheel Patch.png A Waddle Dee floats by with a pinwheel. A storm suddenly appears and blows the Waddle Dee around and away, revealing the way to Cloud Palace.
Boxing Glove patch Castle Dedede KEY Boxing Glove Patch.png Castle Dedede suddenly grows arms and punches the ground, creating stars to serve as stairs to the castle.
Bells of Joy patch Yin-Yarn Boss Battle KEY Bells of Joy Patch.png The bells appear in the center of the map and begin to ring, causing an infuriated Yin-Yarn to appear and trash them. He then darkens the level, surrounds the boss door with an energy aura, and passes through, allowing Kirby to enter the final battle.
Baseball Bat patch Meta Melon Isle KEY Baseball Bat Patch.png A Waddle Dee comes with a baseball bat and hits a watermelon with the bat. It then tries to walk on the melon, only to fall off and open a door. The door then grants access to Meta Melon Isle.
Galaxia Sword patch Battleship Halberd KEY Galaxia Sword Patch.png Galaxia appears and cuts some clouds, revealing the Battleship Halberd.