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Our regrets. We were told this was acceptable.
— Aliens • Junk Jam

The aliens are characters that appeared in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Junk Jam. A trio of intergalactic garbage beings, these three mistook Dream Land for a dump and started pouring their trash everywhere from within their spaceship. After Fire Kirby destroyed Fire Lion, the aliens, realizing their mistake, cleaned everything up, and then disposed of the trash by dropping it into the atmosphere, where it burned up.

The aliens' flying saucer.

Physical Appearance

Other than their differences in width and size from each other, the aliens share the same physical appearance. They have dark pink skin with even darker pinkish gray hands. They wear green overalls and have neon green eyes and alien-ish mouths on top of their heads. It can also be noted that the aliens are very Cappy-like in appearance.

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