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If you hit the ball into the opponent's goal, you get one point. You have three chances in each Air Hockey game.
— Bonus Games • Kirby's Block Ball Instruction Booklet

Air Hockey is a sub-game that appears in Kirby's Block Ball. To activate it, Kirby must find a Warp Star hidden in a stage and touch it. He will be taken to one of four sub-games, and the player may choose Air Hockey.

The bonus stage has an open top and bottom, each the respective player's goals. Kirby is positioned at the bottom while a UFO is up top. Each of them is holding onto a wide paddle.

The goal is to try and bounce the ball past the defending opponent and into their goal. The players can move left and right as well as limited degree up and down, anywhere within their outlined box. The ball can be bounced off the side walls, either off of the player's paddle, or pushed along with a power shot using the A button.

Three rounds are played that end when a goal is scored. For every goal Kirby gets against the UFO, a 1UP is earned. If Kirby is scored upon, he loses a chance. The game starts with the ball in Kirby's control. It is launched by the standard means. For the next two rounds, the player who was just scored upon starts with the ball.

When the sub-game is over, Kirby mounts his Warp Star again and returns to the stage he left.

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Play three rounds of Air Hockey. You receive an extra life for each goal you score.
— Description • Nintendo Power (Volume #83)