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Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I is the ninety-sixth episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya! and is the first part of the five part saga: Fright to the Finish.


In this episode, King Dedede kidnaps Tiff in an attempt to get her to spoil information on the Warp Star and where it is. Tuff and Kirby manage to rescue her, but not before Tuff blurts out the Warp Star's location. Dedede and his army of Waddle Dees head out to steal the Warp Star from Kabu, but their assault ends in failure. Soon, the castle comes under attack by a Destroya that was sent by Nightmare Enterprises as a plan to capture the Warp Star. And just when Kirby and his friends barely escape thanks to the Warp Star (which gets damaged by the Destroya in the process), four Air Riders riding on different Air Ride Machines (the Formula Star, Rocket Star, Winged Star, and Shadow Star in that order) go after Kirby and his Warp Star. Kirby goes out to fight them on the Warp Star, despite the fact that it cannot function properly yet.

Episode Summary

KSSU Kirby run
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Changes in the dub

  • The kanji on the green can right near Tiff's shoe when they are having a picnic was airbrushed out.
  • The scene where the animals and Phan Phan are hiding behind Whispy Woods was removed from the dub.


  • This is the last two-part episode of the series' run.
  • In the US, both parts of Air-Ride-In-Style were first aired as episodes 50 and 51 in an attempt to cash in on the recently released Kirby Air Ride. Fans complained about the series' continuity.
  • The scene that involved the Destroya attacking Castle Dedede is a homage to the Roland Emmerich film Independence Day.
  • In the 4Kids 85-minute movie version (eps 96-100 all together), Dedede's flashback was removed, and Kirby's struggle against the Air-Riders was replaced with the fight in Ep 97 (Eps 96-97 only took 30 minutes in the movie, so these edits were most likely only made for the movie).
  • When this episode originally aired, the scene with Phan Phan hiding behind Whispy Woods was removed, because the "Phan Phan" episode (Cowardly Creature) had not premiered yet. This was changed the second time around.