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Search for adventurers to be your teammates. You can also search online by connecting to the Internet. Where would you like to search?
— Message • Super Kirby Clash

The Adventurer Bell is a location in the Kirby series, debuting in Super Kirby Clash. It is situated in both of the Dream Kingdom villages.

Physical Appearance

The Adventurer Bell is a large golden bell that hangs from a bronze lamppost. The bottom of the post is embossed with a star symbol.


Super Kirby Clash

The Adventurer Bell is stationed at the right side of the Port and Castle Villages, between the Gem Apple Tree and Shrine of Passwords. If Kirby stands before it and presses ↑, the player is given the opportunity to summon up to six Kirbys from other players. These players can be found locally or online if the player has a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. The Kirbys are CPU-controlled and can be used in one quest each. They have set levels and roles.

The player receives Fragments as gifts when Kirbys are found. The Adventurer Bell can only be used once every 24 hours unless the player spends two Gem Apples to utilize it again.

Related Quotes

You can wait another X hours/minutes to call adventurers, or spend Gem Apples to do it now. Spend Gem Apples?
— Message • Super Kirby Clash


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