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Back for a new adventure!
— Adeleine & Ribbon • Kirby Star Allies

Adeleine is a character in the Kirby series, making her official debut in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. She came to Planet Popstar to study art. She is a talented young artist that can paint pictures that come to life.

There is ambiguity surrounding the idea that Adeleine and Ado, a boss in Kirby's Dream Land 3, are the same individual; due to the similarities, "Ado" and "Adeleine" are covered here; this should not serve as a confirmation that Ado and Adeleine correspond to the same character (at least, in all instances).

Physical Appearance

Adeleine in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

Adeleine is portrayed as a young girl wearing a green, collared smock, a gray skirt, and a red beret covering some of her dark hair. She is almost always seen with her blue brush with multi-colored paint on the tip, her brown paint palette with red, blue and yellow paint and her large easel. Like various characters in the franchise, she features blushes on her cheeks, which are colored red.

In Kirby's Dream Land 3, Ado's smock is a shade of chartreuse, is short-sleeved, and features two brass buttons. Her hair is parted to the side and is colored brown (some images of her depict it as black). Her shoes are black, and she has matching black socks (although these could be interpreted as boots).

In Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Adeleine's smock is green (although most of her artwork depicts it as teal), long-sleeved, and features a single button. Her hair is center parted, and most of her forehead appears bare. She wears blue socks and large, brown shoes with yellow laces. In sub-games, she can wear a purple smock with a pink beret, an orange smock with a brown beret, or a blue smock with a yellow beret, in addition to her plain green and red outfit.

Kirby Star Allies updates Adeleine's appearance, adding a fringe of hair on the left side of her forehead, violet eyes, a small, stubby nose, and five fingers on each hand.


Despite her lack of dialogue in the Kirby series, it is known that Adeleine is very artistic and creative. She is almost always seen with her art equipment, with which she can quickly create various works of art.

Like Kirby, she appears to be a cheerful and kind soul, and is noticeably happy most of the time. In Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, she eagerly joins Kirby and the gang after being freed from Dark Matter's control. In some parts of the game, and in cutscenes, she renders assistance to Kirby and the others by painting food or hints.

According to the Kirby Star Allies Channel on Update 11, Adeleine is a little shy about being fed food, hiding her face with her hands.


Kirby's Dream Land 3

Ado appears as the boss of Cloudy Park. During the battle, Ado stands safely behind her large, cloud-constructed canvas and paints enemies to attack Kirby. After Kirby defeats one of her drawings, she will get mad and make another. Her paintings are all bosses appearing in Kirby's Dream Land 2. They include Ice Dragon, Sweet Stuff, Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright, and Kracko respectively, none of which spawn enemies/obstacles that grant abilities. After Kirby defeats them all, Ado, now in a fit of rage, steps down from her canvas and attempts to attack Kirby by running around and flailing her brush back and forth. Once Kirby lands a single attack on her, Ado rolls off-screen, thus signifying Kirby's victory.

Kirby's Dream Land 3 (Boss Butch)

If all the Heart Stars are collected for Cloudy Park after the boss battle, Ado will become friendly and paint a randomly-selected drawing whenever Kirby enters her arena; these can be a pink Game Boy, a diamond ring, or a slice of Strawberry Shortcake. In Boss Butch, the cloudy battlefield becomes gray and stormy.

Ado appears during the credits alongside the rest of the game's bosses as they socialize with Kirby. The game ends with Ado dashing across the screen as she swiftly ends the game by painting the word "END" in bright colorful letters in the corner of the screen.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Adeleine's in-game render

Adeleine appears in the second stage of the first world, Pop Star. She is simply painting a picture when a Crystal Shard falls next to her. She turns and picks it up, when Dark Rimura materializes on her easel and possesses her. Kirby, Ribbon, and Waddle Dee then arrive to find her possessed, and are forced to battle her. In this battle, Adeleine paints N-Z, Bronto Burt, Mariel, Mumbies, and a mass of jumbled pixels. After all of the enemies are defeated, Adeleine paints two stronger enemies; a drawing of Ice Dragon and a drawing of Dark Matter. After the Dark Matter drawing is defeated, Adeleine, now furious, jumps off of the stump and starts rapidly swiping her brush while charging at Kirby. She can be defeated in one hit.

Once Kirby defeats Adeleine and dispels Dark Rimura, she returns to normal and regains consciousness; she decides to tag along with Kirby, Ribbon, and Waddle Dee on their journey to reunite all of the Crystal Shards.

Throughout various levels of the game, Adeleine will appear and paint items for Kirby. If Kirby enters the area Adeleine is in with full life, she paints a 1UP, otherwise she paints a Maxim Tomato. She may also paint pictures to help Kirby solve puzzles so he can obtain a shard.

Adeleine's palette swaps in 100-Yard Hop in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Adeleine is also playable in the multiplayer mode of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

It was also revealed through pre-release screenshots that she was originally intended to be a playable character in single player, but this was not implemented in the final version for unknown reasons.

Kirby Star Allies

Adeleine appears in Kirby Star Allies as one of the Dream Friends that came in the second update. She is paired up with Ribbon as a single Dream Friend in a similar manner to Rick & Kine & Coo. Adeleine can create paintings of past enemies and bosses and has a few moves from her boss fight.


Move Controls Description Damage[1]
Brush Slash B Adeleine swipes her brush. 24 (Brush)
16 (Paint)
Brush Force Dash + B Adeleine charges forward while rapidly swiping her brush, and if she hits an enemy, she gets pushed back a bit. 24 (Brush)
16 (Paint)
Painter ↓ + press and release B Adeleine brings out her canvas and creates paintings of various past enemies. She can paint Batamon, Ghost Knight, , and even Octagon in his small form from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. Batamon walks around, Ghost Knight thrusts its lance forward, I³ crushes anything below it, and Octagon enlarges itself to damage enemies. 16 (Easel)
24 (Batamon)
32 (Ghost Knight)
36 (I³)
16 (Octagon)
Ado's Painter ↓ + press and hold B, then release Adeleine brings out her canvas and creates paintings of past bosses and a past mid-boss. She can paint Waiu, Ice Dragon, and Kracko. Once she has completed the painting of the boss/mid-boss, she can ride and control it. N/A
Ribbon's Crystal Ribbon Flight + B Adeleine uses the Ribbon + Crystal Power Combo to shoot Crystal Shards at enemies. She shoots two Crystal Shards each time she uses it, and it can be used in quick succession. 14
Fairy Dance ↑ + B Adeleine twirls around with Ribbon in the air, damaging nearby enemies. This attack can also be used to grab nearby items. 12 (Initial Hit)
26 (Final Hit)
Canvas Cover L/R Adeleine and Ribbon hide behind a canvas. Enemies simply pass by instead of hitting the canvas. 16 (Guard End)
Al Fresco Press and hold ↑ Adeleine's exclusive Friend Ability. She paints the same picnic minigame from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, in which it then creates a bunch of Food and Point Stars. 4 (Easel)

Ado's Painter Movesets

Attack names for this section are conjectural.

Drawing Move Controls Description Damage
Kracko Beam B Kracko creates two beams of electricity around it. Can grant friends the Zap element. 32
Lightning Bolt Hold B Kracko shoots a lightning bolt below it. 32 (Initial Hit)
16 (Repeated Hits)
Ice Dragon Breath B Ice Dragon breathes icy wind while moving forward. Can grant friends the Blizzard element. 32
Ice Cube ↓ + B Ice Dragon creates a block of ice and pushes it forward. 24
Icicle Drop ↓ + B in midair Ice Dragon slams down, causing four icicles to fall, two on each side. 36 (Slam)
16 (Icicles)
Waiu Cutter B Waiu throws a purple cutter. Can cut down ropes and grass. 16
Vanishing Dash Dash + B Waiu vanishes and then quickly moves a distance depending on how long the button is held. N/A
Shock Star ↓ + B in midair Waiu stomps down on the ground, creating a purple star that bounces along the ground. 24 (Stomp)
32 (Star)

Super Kirby Clash

Aeon Hero Artwork.png This section contains information that does not coincide with the main series canon. (Similar)

Adeleine appears as a resident of the Castle Village after Pres. Parallel Susie has been defeated in the Dreamscape. She can be seen to the left, painting a picture as Ribbon watches. She and Ribbon also appear as a singular sticker, which can be purchased from the Shoppe for 20 Gem Apples.


KTD Moonja artwork.png This section contains content derived from Japanese

Document from "Kirby Art & Style Collection", showing reference material for Ado's manga design, which bears a strong resemblance to Adeleine.

Ado and Adeleine share many characteristics; these include similar names, appearances, and abilities. As a result, one could infer that they are actually the same individual. A direct romanization of Adeleine's Japanese name would be Adorēnu, leading to her name sometimes being shortened to "Ado" in file names of internal game data; various boss names were also shortened in Kirby's Dream Land 3, such as "Whispy Woods" becoming "Whispy," "Pon & Con" becoming "Pon Con," and "King Dedede" becoming "Dedede." Page 20 of the 20th Anniversary: Kirby of the Stars Pupupu Encyclopedia implies that "Ado" may be a nickname for Adeleine; however, it ultimately states that it is unknown whether or not they are the same person, leaving the issue open-ended.

Prior to the release of Kirby 64: The Crystal Stars, manga adaptations of Kirby's Dream Land 3 used a design for Ado that looks very similar to what would become Adeleine's final design. One manga series, Kirby Manga Mania, even considers the two characters to be the same person. But since the manga adaptations aren't fully in line with the games, this is not a definite proof.

Later in 2017, the Kirby Art & Style Collection book was released to commemorate Kirby's 25th anniversary. On page 271, this book showed off a few design sketches relating to Kirby's Dream Land 3, which included the previously mentioned Ado design, which was used for manga adaptations of the game. The page makes note of the resemblance between Ado from the sketches and Adeleine, but does not go any further into the topic.

In Kirby Star Allies, Adeleine has a move called Ado's Painter, referencing Ado. Certain promotional material for the game, such as Nintendo UK's YouTube video description for the Adeleine & Ribbon DLC, seem to indicate that Adeleine first appeared as Ado in Kirby's Dream Land 3, but nothing of the sort is featured in the Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan versions.[2]

The Great Dedede-Directory #39

On March 23, 2020, the official Kirby Twitter account posted a short character bio for Adeleine, under the series "The Great Dedede-Directory." The passage contains only information relevant to Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards[3] and the accompanying images are only from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and Kirby Star Allies.

Despite the characters' many similarities, the most recent official statements on the topic simply indicate that it is ambiguous as to whether or not they are the same person.


The name Adeleine is a variation of the name Adeline. It originates from France and means "noble" or "nobility."[4] Given the pronunciation of the name, it's likely a pun on the phrase "Add a line."

Related Quotes

Adeleine, an aspiring artist, comes to Pop Star to study art but finds herself in the middle of a Dark Matter mess.
— Instruction manual • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
A girl who came to Pop Star to study painting.
— Japanese instruction manual • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
The wait is over! This clever artist and her fairy companion from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards are back on Planet Popstar! They may not be the galaxy's most powerful duo, but their perilous paintings and shiny crystals are nothing to scoff at.
— Flavor Text • Kirby Star Allies
The attack artist from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and her pal Ribbon have returned! And with Adeleine's newly improved painting skills, these two are ready to be in the mix!
— Guest Star Description • Kirby Star Allies

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese アドレーヌ Officially romanized as Adeleine.
English Adeleine
Traditional Chinese 阿朵莱妮 Translates to Adeleine.
Korean 아들레느 Translates to Adeleine.
Russian Аделин Translates to Adeleine.
German Adeleine Same as English
Dutch Adeleine Same as English
French Adeleine Same as English
Italian Adeleine Same as English
Spanish Adeleine Same as English


One example of "Galerie D'Adeleine"

  • Adeleine used to be the mascot of the "Galería CN" (CN Gallery) section of the 1991 Mexican Club Nintendo magazine. The section was incorporated late in 2000 and was then named "Galerie D'Adeleine" ("Adeleine's Gallery"). Subscribers of the magazine could send their own drawings and paintings to the editors with a select few being featured in one issue of the magazine. The gallery's name has since been changed to its current name and removed Adeleine from the section.
  • On February 13, 2017, Adeleine appeared in artwork on the official Kirby 25th anniversary Twitter account, alongside several other prominent female characters in the series. This marks the first time she had made an official appearance in Kirby media since Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Since then, she's made multiple appearances in the account's tweets, and a tweet commemorating its 100,000 followers states that she's the one illustrating the account's artwork.
  • The Artist Copy Ability, introduced in Kirby Star Allies, is based on Adeleine. Kirby wears a red beret, and one of his moves has Kirby paint characters on an easel to aid him, similar to Adeleine's actions during her boss fight(s).
    • Kirby also uses his paintbrush to swipe at enemies, which is similar to a pre-release screenshot of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards showing Adeleine attacking a Mariel in a similar manner.
  • Adeleine and Ribbon are the first two female Dream Friends in Kirby Star Allies. Furthermore, they are also the only Dream Friends which play together as a duo.
  • The canvas that Adeleine and Ribbon hide behind in Kirby Star Allies depicts the paintings used for the first stages of Pop Star, Rock Star and Shiver Star on the stage select in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
    • In addition to this, the canvas will rarely depict Adeleine's self-portrait that appears in the game's end credits after the good ending.
  • In Kirby Star Allies, Adeleine's move Ado's Painter creates paintings from a canvas on top of a stump instead of an easel. This is a reference to the big canvas she used in her boss fight in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
  • When Adeleine takes a hit in Kirby Star Allies when using her Brush Force attack, her knockback animation matches the tumble animation she goes into after being defeated in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, which in turn was a reference to Ado's losing animation in Kirby's Dream Land 3.
  • In Kirby Star Allies, Adeleine & Ribbon has less health than Kirby and other Friends, which is a callback to how Adeleine is defeated in one hit during the boss fights against her.
  • Adeleine's Al Fresco Friend Ability is a double entendre: alfresco is Italian, referring to the outdoors; it is typically used in context with dining, referencing the move's ability to produce food, but can also refer to painting on a blank slate, which is what Adeleine does during this move.
  • According to an issue of the Nintendo Dream magazine, the staff of Kirby Star Allies had originally meant for Adeleine to be voiced in her appearance as a Dream Friend, and even found a staff member to voice her, but scrapped the idea later on.[5]
  • The music that plays during Adeleine's introductory cutscene in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is a remix of Kirby's Dream Land 2's Game Over theme. It is remixed in Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe.





Sprites and Models


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