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Ability bubbles are items in Kirby Squeak Squad. They can be collected and stored in the item pallet. With the touch of the stylus, the player can pop the bubble to get a copy ability, or spit them out.

They can even use the stylus to mix two ability bubbles together to get a random ability bubble. But when Sword gets its copy scroll upgrade, the player can mix it with another ability to get a true combo ability (i.e. Sword+Fire or Spark or Ice). The same thing is true with Bomb (without Fire, though). Also, one of the methods of getting the Ghost ability is by mixing two Sleep bubbles, but only if Kirby obtains all the Ghost Medal pieces.

There is even a copy ability called Bubble, where Kirby can turn his enemies into ability bubbles.

If enemies without copy abilities are turned into bubbles, they will instead turn into Star Bubbles, which, with the touch of the stylus, Kirby can use as ammunition. These "star bubbles" can be mixed with each other to create a more powerful star that can go through multiple foes, and this star can be mixed with another star to create an enourmous star that deals massive damage.


  • If the player puts two bubbles together, then shakes the stylus (while still holding the bubbles), they'll get rarer abilities.
  • Bubble is the only copy ability that can turn enemies into bubble items.
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