A Blockbuster Battle (Oh no! The Search for the Soldier's House in Japan) is the second episode of anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. This episode is prominent for the first appearance of Tokkori, Rick, Kine and also the first appearance of the Stone Copy Ability.

Episode Summary

Scenes and items edited/removed from 4Kids dub

  • (CULTURAL/TEXT) DIGITAL EDIT: The Japanese katakana characters on Chef Kawasaki's Restaurant are digitally airbrushed out.
  • (CULTURAL/TEXT) DIGITAL EDIT: The kanji on the picture in the restaurant is replaced with a picture of Chef Kawasaki.
  • SCENE CUT: A scene where Tiff, Tuff and others ask Chief Bookem to take Kirby in, and Kirby accidentally starts shooting with a gun.
  • SCENE CUT: Another scene where Kirby is working at Samo's Bar was also removed, apparently because of a no-alcohol policy...
  • SCENE CUT: A scene at the end where Dedede hits Escargoon four times has also been removed, probably because of its violence...
  • SCENE CUT: Scenes with mild profanity were also removed.
  • (CULTURAL/TEXT) DIGITAL EDIT: For some reason, the sticker with Kirby in a cross-out sign stuck on a button that caused Gus's fuel tank to explode was colored green in the English dub.


  • Tokkori actually first appeared in the previous, first episode (though he only gets a small cameo in the beginning of the episode).
  • When Kirby is working at Samo's, Kirby wears a bowtie and holds a drink mixer in his hand, looking like the dress and pose he performs when the player gets the Mix icon in Kirby's Adventure.
  •  Lady Like and Sir Ebrum don't appear in this episode.
  • Strangely, Tiff knew Blocky's name before King Dedede or Escargoon introduced him.
  • Kine makes a cameo in this episode. When Kirby is floating back up to the surface, he bumps into him.
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