A Blockbuster Battle is the second episode of anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. This episode is prominent for the first appearance of Rick and Kine and also the first appearance of the Stone Copy Ability.


After moving into Cappy Town, Tiff and friends try to help Kirby find a place to stay. Meanwhile however, King Dedede has noticed this and begins devising a plot to make sure Kirby doesn't move in anywhere...

Episode Summary

KSSU Kirby run
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The episode starts off with Tiff, Tuff, the three Cappy kids, Lololo & Lalala, and Kirby playing jump rope and some other games. It suddenly starts to rain and the kids have to find shelter. Kirby runs up a tree and into Tokkori's nest and Tokkori pushes him out.

Tiff asks the Cappy kids' mom if Kirby could stay there. Sadly, Kirby is rejected due to him inhaling all the food at Mayor Len's House during his Welcome Party. Tiff and Tuff go on a quest to find Kirby a new home.

Chef Kawasaki is the first that accepts their request and gives Kirby a job as a waiter. King Dedede and Escargoon go in the restaurant and cause Kirby trouble by tripping him, thus making him spill the food all over the place. Chef Kawasaki then fires Kirby, despite knowing Dedede and Escargoon causing the trouble. Dedede and Escargoon then tell Tokkori to prevent Kirby from finding a home.

While Kirby was working for Professor Curio Tokkori dropped a vase on Kirby's head. Kirby struggled to get it off but fell over and broke it, causing him to be kicked out of Curio's museum. Tiff and Tuff convince Gus to give Kirby a job. Gus accepts it and tells them that pushing the wrong buttons could cause havoc.Tokkori tricks Kirby into pushing a button that blows up the gas station.


The completed Treehouse

Blocky Anime

Blocky's true form.

Coo convinces the gang to build a treehouse; they all start building it. Tokkori tells Dedede the news and he becomes enraged. King Dedede then orders Blocky from Nightmare Enterprises. Later, the gang have finished with the treehouse and are celebrating Kirby's new home. As usual, the king ruins the celebration by blowing up Kirby's newly built house.

King Dedede and Escargoon place Blocky in front of Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff before immediately fleeing. Blocky then transforms and towers over the three. Kirby is then squashed multiple times and turned paper thin. A breeze blows Kirby towards Tiff and Tuff and they "fatten" him up again.

Kirby attempts to suck up Blocky but it proves to be worthless because Blocky is too big and heavy. Kirby tries another attempt to inhale him but Blocky stops him and squashes him again. Before Blocky could squash him again Tiff saves Kirby and throws him towards Tokkori's nest. Blocky sees Kirby at the nest and knocks the tree down, causing Tokkori to go down with it. Tokkori complains to King Dedede about what he has done but gets shot by his tank.


Kirby in his alternative Stone form

Kirby's House

Kirby's House

Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby flee to the beach, where they wonder why Kirby couldn't suck up Blocky. Meta Knight then appears and tells them that Blocky is made out of a super high-density matter that Kirby cannot suck up.

He also tells them that if they can use Blocky's weight and strength against him Kirby will triumph. Tiff and Tuff help Kirby train for a rematch. First, Kirby sucks up small rocks and is a success. Kirby then tries sucking up a big rock but it ends up sliding down the cliff, resulting as a failure.

Tiff then realizes that that's how Kirby is going to beat Blocky. When King Dedede, Escargoon and Blocky appear Kirby tries to suck up Blocky. Blocky is dragged down the cliff and is turned into four smaller Blockies.

Kirby manages to suck one up, granting him the Stone ability. The other three Blockies start attacking Kirby. Kirby then jumps in the air and turns into his stone form, crashing down on the Blockies. The Blockies attempt to hurt Kirby but it proves useless as Kirby cannot be hurt when in his stone form.

Kirby once again jumps and crashes down on the Blockies, this time breaking them into even smaller pieces. The Blockies reform and Kirby starts walking towards the cliff, below it the ocean. The Blockies then reform to the giant Blocky and he starts jumping on Kirby.

Kirby keeps on walking till he gets to the cliff. He stops there while the giant Blocky is still pounding on him. The cliff breaks apart, causing both Stone Kirby and Blocky to fall into the ocean. Since Blocky is heavy he sinks to the bottom of the ocean, but Kirby turns into normal Kirby and floats back at up to the surface. Everyone cheers for him except for Escargoon and Dedede, who are crying.

Kirby finally ends up getting a house but is kicked out by Tokkori, who ends up keeping the house. Kirby decides to live and sleep in the tree outside the house throughout the rest of the anime, much to the dismay of Tiff.

End of spoilers

Changes in the dub

  • The Japanese katakana characters on Chef Kawasaki's Restaurant are digitally airbrushed out.
  • The kanji on the picture in the restaurant is replaced with a picture of Chef Kawasaki. Oddly enough, in later episodes the picture would be left unedited.
  • A scene where Tiff, Tuff and others ask Chief Bookem to take Kirby in and Kirby accidentally starts shooting with a gun is cut from the dub due to violence.
  • Another scene where Kirby is working at Samo's Bar was also removed due to alcohol references.
  • A scene at the end where Dedede bashes Escargoon in the head four times has also been removed as well, despite the scene being cartoonish in nature and containing absolutely no graphic violence.
  • For some reason, the sticker with Kirby in a "No-Cheese!" symbol stuck on a button that caused Gus's fuel tank to explode was colored green in the English dub.


  • Tokkori actually first appeared in the previous, first episode (though he only gets a small cameo in the beginning of the episode).
  • During the scene cut from the English dub where Kirby is working at Samo's Kirby wears a bowtie and holds a drink mixer in his hand while mixing alcohol, looking like the dress and pose he performs when the player gets the Mix icon in Kirby's Adventure.
  •  Lady Like and Sir Ebrum don't appear in this episode.
  • Strangely, Tiff knew Blocky's name before King Dedede or Escargoon introduced him.
  • Kine makes a cameo in this episode. When Kirby is floating back up to the surface he bumps into him.
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