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KPR Susie artwork.png This article is about the hidden bonus planet in Milky Way Wishes. For other question mark-related articles, see ? (disambiguation)

??? (originally known as ?), is the hidden star and a bonus stage in Milky Way Wishes, a sub-game in Kirby Super Star and its remake.

This area has no fountain, and it is not mandatory to visit during the sub-game. However, it can "override" the Copy Ability restriction, by providing the Copy Copy Essence Deluxe. It must be visited to fully complete the game with 100% progress.

General Information

??? is a small, star-shaped planet whose true name is unknown. It is hidden between Skyhigh and Cavius, and is not big enough to be seen from Planet Popstar. The only inhabitants of the star are Tacs and Bombers. It has a large jungle filled with exotic plants. The level is very short, and Kirby only has to go through three short rooms. The second room has Bombers which Kirby can get Crash from. The final room of the level is the star's exit. The room contains no floor, so Kirby must be careful. The final room only contains the Copy Essence Deluxe for Copy, and a Warp Star to go back into space. Visiting ??? before any other planet is advisable, since a player can copy an ability he/she doesn't have the Copy Essence Deluxe for, essentially bypassing the Copy Ability restriction.

In Kirby Super Star, the second room was unique in the fact that it had a single shade of blue as its background and a single shade of black as its foreground. This was changed in Kirby Super Star Ultra, however, with an appearance similar to that of Floria.

Copy Abilities

Due to the way copying abilities works in Milky Way Wishes, abilities can only be obtained using Copy Essence Deluxe items, and a few limited-use abilities. However, visiting ??? can allow players to override this restriction by using the Copy Copy Essence Deluxe as an alternative, as Kirby can copy enemy abilities with Copy.

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Copy Essence Deluxes

Copy Essence Deluxe Guide
In the middle of the third room.


  • ??? also shows up as the location name while fighting Marx.
  • ??? and Floria are the only planets in Milky Way Wishes with no mid-bosses.
  • ??? is made more obvious in Kirby Super Star Ultra; it blinks occasionally on the screen, and is also larger.