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デビルの記事について… 編集

デビルの記事は、確かに個別記事でいいかもしれません。ですが、英語版Wikiではそれぞれが「Devil」の人記事にまとめられているうえ(日本語記事の「デビル」にリンクが張ってある)、日本語版(ここ)でも度々デビルを参照する文が少なくない記事にあるので、一応作っておいた方がいいのではないかと思ったのですが…具体的には異界四天王みたいな感じの記事にしたいと思っていました。まあ簡潔に言えば、「既に使用されている箇所が多く需要はある」、ということです。 天声ミキトーク) 2019年9月8日 (日) 01:53 (UTC)

毛カビ+のデビルモードのセクションに飛ばせばいいかなとは思います(それかデビルの記事に3キャラ統合するか)。異界四天王も用語として中身あまり無いのでアナディメのセクションに飛ばしても問題なさそう…。- Kirbyellowトーク) 2019年9月8日 (日) 01:58 (UTC)
なるほど、まあわざわざ新しく作らなくてもいいか(爆 天声ミキトーク) 2019年9月8日 (日) 02:03 (UTC)

Fandom Editor Reward 編集

Hello Kirbyellow!

As part of our appreciation for your hard work on カービィWiki, Fandom would like to reward you!

We can try to provide you a physical game of for example the Kirby series that you do not own yet, or something else from the Kirby franchise.

All of this is still new for Fandom, especially in the international area, so we cannot guarantee that everything will go smoothly right off the bat, or that we can fulfill your exact wish. Nonetheless, we'd love to provide you this token of appreciation as one of the first users in the Japanese community, and would be greatful if you'd like to participate into this experimental test run and try everything we can to get your prefered item.

If you are interested, I'd like to connect further with you via email or Discord DM about further details for your prefered item.

Looking forward to hear from you! M @fandom 2019年10月26日 (土) 07:06 (UTC)

Thank you for your message! I'm glad to be rewarded however the editor of Kirby Wiki is not only me but also many users. I can't afford the prize alone (by the way I have all Kirby game series even if Kirby's Avalanche). If I had to say my wish, everyone keeps loving Kirby series. - Kirbyellowトーク) 2019年10月28日 (月) 11:58 (UTC)
Indeed, many users contribute to a wiki, but out of the ones we've seen over the years, we thought you should be the first to receive an editor reward from us, as you also are active on the wiki for over 10 years now, and even administer it now!
I really hope everyone continues to love the Kirby franchise as well! But I can't help much with that myself other than keep supporting international communities like yours ;)
Is there anything else, Kirby-themed or not, that you would enjoy receiving from Fandom? I'd like to follow up with you via the email that is associated with your user account, if that is okay, so I don't miss your reply again. If you cannot think of something, I might have an idea you'd like, but I want to talk about that via email.
Sorry for not seeing earlier, I didn't get a mail notification for this edit, good thing I checked the talk page again today :)
M @fandom 2019年10月30日 (水) 06:57 (UTC)
Thank you for your reply! I'm happy enough with just your feelings. But I may not be able to reply to you with e-mail because I'm busy a little. I'm sorry that I don't receive your reward, and I hope you support Japanese Kirby Wiki. - Kirbyellowトーク) 2019年10月30日 (水) 12:04 (UTC)
Thank you for your response. I got that you don't want the reward, so I sent you my suggestion via email (subject contains "Fandom Editor Reward"). It's fine you reply if you find time, I don't expect you to reply before you're less busy again. Looking forward to hear from you via email once you find time to reply. Good luck with the wiki! :) M @fandom 2019年10月30日 (水) 13:23 (UTC)
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