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Oh! I think now I understand you said that this wiki don't accept fan-arts so you want sprites....... right...? if is this sorry I don't understand what was you traying to said to me. (Kirby2390)

Images 編集

Now I'm uploading images of abilities in my Kirby games (The mayory are of Kirby & the amazing mirror and Kirby nightmare in dreamland) However this is fine? I put the images in the Cutter, Spark, Mike and Freeze pages by now... (Kirby2390)

Thank You for the Reply! 編集

I guess it could be right, but "Homo" doesn't sound like something Kirby would say or even know about, plus Fumu did say "What is this" and "Humo" is the Japanese spelling for the English word of thinking called "hmm", so it's possible that Kirby was reacting to Fumu by thinking.  Also thanks for replying, I really appreciate that, I have a ton of Kirby Voice Clips from the Anime, I guess I'm obsessed with Kirby's Voice since it's pretty unique.  Vaati the Wind Demonトーク) 2012年12月22日 (土) 19:47 (UTC)

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