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Any advice?

Does anyone know a good way to beat Soul Melter EX/Soul Melter?

just was wondering.

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Kirby is adorable.
Which one is most like you? Screenshot from Insta.
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Ashley Squeak Squad: A Frosty Finish?

Previous Part:

(It's not the end)

Ashley: This is it. The final showdown. Once this is over, we can finally play Smash.

Red: But I gotta complete World of Light first!

Ashley: I suppose you have a point. Let's go!

Level 1/4!

Ashley: Ready?

Red: Yeah!

The rush to The Squeaks' HQ has began! Spinni came in to try to stop her.

Spinni: Stop right there!

He threw ninja stars at Ashley! She reflected them but Spinni dodged them.

Spinni: Ha! Missed!

The stars went back to Spinni like a boomerang! He dropped 6 Chests.

Ashley: That was easy.

Level 2/4!

Red: Are we there yet?

Ashley: Not yet.

Doc appeared!

Doc: Check out my laser!

Doc fired his laser! But Ashley was wuick enough to dodge.

Ashley: Ugh... Red, where are you?

Doc: Helpless, eh?

Red: Got 'em!


Red: I pressed the off button!

Ashley: Huh.

Doc dropped 8 Chests!

Red: Nice!

Level 3/4!

Ashley: We made it in.

*Alarm Sounds*

Ashley: What the...?


Red: Huh!?

Storo: You're gonna get it!

Ashley: Pantalones Giganticus!

No effect on Storo...

Ashleu: Oh no, not again...

Storo: Ha!

Storo suddenly shrunk to micro-size and dropped 18 Chests! Including a large chest which contained the final Star Seal.

Ashley: Well, I guess it worked.

Final Level!

*kicks open the door to Daroach's Office*

Daroach: Oh, you... Well, for someone like you, it's impressive on how you made it this far in this game.

Principal of The Thing: No Breaking the 4th Wall.

Daroach:... Sorry... Anyway, I'll have to deal with you myself. Get ready to meet your defeat!

(This music plays: )

Ashley Vs. Daroach!

3... 2... 1... Go!

Daroach went first with a bomb rush! (No, not the Splatoon kind, literally)

Ashley: Eh.

Ashley reflected the bombs but all of them missed Daroach.

Daroach: Pathetic.

Daroach fired an Ice Laser at Ashley!

Red: Look out!

Red transformed into a Mirror to reflect the Ice Laser back at Daroach!

Daroach: That hurt, now take this!

Daroach threw a firey bomb... But was caught in the explosion when trying to get Ashley.

Daroach: Ugh... Well, it all comes down to this.

Daroach whipped out his Triple Star and swung it to launch 3 stars.

Ashley: Uh oh...

Red pushed Ashley out of the way and the stars reflecyed back to Daraoch, defeating him. dropping 1257 Chests!

(Music stops)

Darocah: Total defeat...

Ashley: That was easy.

Back at Diamond City, Wario is lying down on the beach.

Wario: Mmm... Garlic...

Wario suddenly noticed Ashley in the sky.

Wario: Look, up in the sky!

Mona: It's a bird!

Kat: It's a plane!

9-Volt: Is it an Arwing!?

Klara: No, it's Bird Ganon! Destroy him!

18-Volt: You're all wrong! It's Ashley with all the Treasure Daroach stole!

Klara: Oh.


Diamond City News

"Breaking News! Witch-In-Training Ashley has saved Diamond City from being robbed by the infamous Squeaks!"



Ashley: Well, looks like everyone has their belongings back. This last chest shoud contain your Switch.

Red: Let's get my Switch so that we can play Smash!

Ashley: Heck yeah!

The End...?


Red: Huh!?

Out of nowhere, Zan Partizanne snatched the chest!

Ashley: Give it back!

Zan Partizanne: It's for your own good!

Zan rushed to the Star Door and locked it! This ancient door will never open without the 6 Star Seals.

Red: What are we gonna do!?

The Star Seals Ashley collected flew towards the Star Door... And it opened.

Ashley: Huh.

Red: Alright, time to get my Switch back!


King Dedede: Master Hand, thank goodness you saved us!

Master Hand: Yeah, no problem. Besides, the 3 of you are participating in the Smash Tournament!

King Dedede: Oh, that Smash Tournament! We were practicing for it... Until Marx decided to attack and cause chaos...

Master Hand: Yeah but he's calm now. Anyway, K1rby's in dnger! It's kind of hard to explain but I beleive it's Chara who's trying to get him!

Agent 3: What!? I thought I dealt with her!

Master Hand: Calm down, I'll help you stop her and save K1rby! To my Office!

To be continued...


I'm starting to get into Fire Emblem Comic Dubs. If I ever get a FE game, I'll make a parody of that Fire Emblem game but with the one... The only... Meta Knight!


Splatoon Branch:

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Fighters/World Of Light Completion!

Because Joker is confirmed as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate now, I'm starting to think about what you guys what for DLC Fighters in Smash Ultimate. For me, I either want Sakura Kasugano from the Street Fighter series, or Blackheart from the Marvel VS Capcom series. In other news, I beat World Of Light recently! I managed to get all three endings to the Adventure Mode, and man, was the fight with Galeem to get the "Swallowed By Darkness" ending HARD! Now, the fight with Dharkon was pretty easy (I only died once, though.), but the fight with Galeem alone was harder. I did manage to complete the third phase of the final battle (VS Galeem/Dharkon) on the first try!

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Is anyone here good at animating?

I need someone to do an animation of Queen Sectonia for a rap battle.

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Artwork for Infoboxes when there is none official and where to get them?

Hi. I'm not a lot within the Kirby Wiki, but I have a few quick newb questions if you're willing:

- When it is preferable to place an artwork instead of sprites or screenshots in the infoboxes?

- I understand there are official sources for such artworks in instruction manuals/booklets, various guides, magazines, and other similar media (which is, of course, hard to refer to when linking a source since many such media is not available online, as in opposition to social media statuses and website uploads), but many (well, in fact, most) aren't having source info on their file pages, which I think is critical info which isn't obvious from the bare searching on Google by images or searching manual archives. So, the question being obvious from all this explanation: where do you usually find those and why don't a lot of uploaders give at least a single hint where do those come from and just upload right away without a summary?

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Should There Be A Crossover Kirby Game With The Characters From The Marvel VS Capcom Series?

I was on the Marvel VS Capcom wiki and it has been in my head for quite a while. I was thinking if you guys think that if this was a good idea or not. I hope they could either do this with sprites, like in Marvel VS Capcom and Marvel VS Capcom 2, or the could just stick to what they are doing now, with the 3D stuff and all that. It could also be a 2v2 Tag Team or a 3v3 Tag Team. I'm still thinking about Kirby teaming up with Sakura Kasugano and Blackheart.

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How does a royale of Nintendo human characters sound for a rap battle?

I was already thinking of Haltmann as Greed and Giovanni as Pride. Who should the other 5 characters be?

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Fraston’s Short Stories: Crash Test Kirby

Fraston’s short stories: Crash Test Kirby

*Sometime after the events of Star Allies, the dream friends go their separate ways. Taranza goes to Floralia, Magolor goes back to Halcandara (as he should), the mage sisters go on a hard-earned vacation, Dark Meta Knight returns to mirror dreamland(that sound like another short story title...), Daroach goes back to wherever in starlight heroes he lives, so on and so forth, but Susie stays behind to rebuild Haltmann Works Company™.*

Susie: Welcome Kirby, to the *cough* REBUILT *cough* Haltmann Works Company™. It is very small as of now, but that will change soon, Especially because you will be an employee!

Kirby: Poyo?! (What?! Are you kidding me?)

Susie: It’ll be Fiinnee. Your salary will in snacks, as that is clearly one of the things you value most. (And also because we aren’t successful enough to change the main currency of dreamland from food to Haltmann Bills™) 

Kirby: Poyo...? (Alright. I know my salary. What is my job though?)

Susie: *pulls clipboard out of her lab coat* Hmmmm.... Let’s see... So, your field will be in crash testing, 

Kirby: Poyo? (I’m one of the researchers..... right?)

Susie: Your job will be..... Crash test dummy!

Kirby: POYO! (THATS IT, IM OUT, BUHBYE!) *starts to run away

Susie: *grabs Kirby by the arm and yanks him back* Ah! I see, there is a little side note here that says “Any employees with potentially ‘abusive’ jobs get payed triple salary”.

Kirby:*turns around to face Susie* Poyo. (Alright, we have a deal. I give my body for science, you give me triple salary.)

Susie: Sounds good! I’ll ready the test room.

*about 10 minutes later* 

Susie: *over the intercom* So, I will sit here and observe the results, and you *points to Kirby, then to a prototype car design* will be teste-*clears throat* testing. So, get in the car and brace yourself.

Kirby: *gets in car, braces self*

Susie: Alright, Car VS. Block in Three, Two, One, *pulls lever and sends car sailing into block*

Kirby: *crawls out of wreckage* p-poy-yo... (Ouch, that hurt)

Susie: so, Kirby, how do you feel?

Kirby: Poyo-o-o-o... (Like I got hit with an asteroid. Can I go home now?)

Susie: *writing down results* NO, you cannot go home now, you haven’t even been on the job for one hour!

Kirby: Poyo, Poyo. (Okay... But you’d better pay me my food soon...)

Fraston(me): To be concluded....

Kirby and Susie, in unison: Who was that? That voice sounds familiar!

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Kirby is adorable.
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They kept my Error on the Escargoon Squad page!

It's the final error on there, and it says "When King Dedede asks Escargoon what he's holding, he says "All I have to do is point, click, and within seconds we'll have a nice new photo." In reality, the average time for an instant photo to form is 60 seconds."

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I need ideas for a Kirby rap battle!

Please! I'm working on another personal project, but I really need ideas! Not trying to beg or anything.

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Should this be added?

So I was thinking: "Would it be a good idea to add Moretsu Pupupu Hour to the wiki?"

if you don't know what it is, it is a fairly large Kirby manga series in which all characters up to

Triple Deluxe are featured. I don't have much information on it, except that it exists, and has a dedicated fan Twitter site (Kirby's Manga Funshack), who has a database of books and pages,

and has translated 3 books. I personally like the portrayal of Meta Knight, Taranza, King Dedede, and many others.

So, back to the question: should it be added, or not?

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If Kirby characters played Kerbal Space Program

Yes, I know, I’m taking a chapter out of KirbyFan99’s Book, but I had a good idea.

Kirby: would make small-medium rockets, makes orbit every once in a while.

Dedede: would brute-force huge fuel depots into orbit using massive rockets.

Metaknight: Makes prototype supersonic jets and some SSTOs.

Bandana Waddledee: puts lots of rovers on the steam workshop for the game so that people can send them to other planets.

Gooey: only uses SRBs to make rockets. Not good design really.

Marx: reenters Kerbals in increasingly small craft and increasing speed.

Rick, Kine, and Coo: would build replicas of real-life missions.

Adeliene: would make long range passenger jets.

Dark Metaknight: would download Infernal Robotics and use pistons to crush planes.

Daroach: makes minimalist rockets. Gotta be frugal!

Magalor: the kind of sicko that reenters Kerbals in their EVA suits.

Taranza: SSTO maniac. Nothing else to say here.

Susie: makes stock mechanisms that leave even seasoned players of the game stunned.

Hyness: summons the kraken daily. Again, not much else to say here.

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If Kirby characters played Terraria

Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and Bandana Waddle Dee would live together in a wooden cabin. Kirby would be an amazing builder, Meta Knight would still be a very good pro, and Dedede would set up a throne room for him and BWD.

Rick, Kine and Coo would live in a tree house; Rick would live on the ground, Kine would live next to a swimming pool, and Coo would live in the top floor.

Marx would summon bosses to try and get them to attack the good guys.

Gooey would be a newb.

Daroach would be a thief, raiding every base and randomly-generated structure he could find.

Dark Meta Knight would mercilessly kill his own NPCs, as well as harmless animals.

Adeleine and Ribbon would have color surrounding every area in their house.

Magolor would run a trading shop.

Taranza would find lots of pretty flowers to decorate his home with. #FlowerAddict

Susie would build contraptions.

The Mages would be protectors of their NPCs.

And Hyness would write very dumb things on gravestones.
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Magolor beat a record on Instagram

What I mean is that an EGG beat a HUMAN by likes.
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Something I noticed

Did you notice that all wave 3 characters (Taranza) (Magolor) (Susie) (The Three Mage Sisters),

All have no legs, disembodied hands, And all of them have fought Kirby before becoming an ally?

I don't think this means anything, just something I found interesting.

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Susie has "Sue" in her name as in "Suing" because it's related to businesses
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let's write a kirby crossover story together

so,kirby was wondering what to do,when suddenly a new threat appeared,named wicked tribe.

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