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• 4h

They kept my Error on the Escargoon Squad page!

It's the final error on there, and it says "When King Dedede asks Escargoon what he's holding, he says "All I have to do is point, click, and within seconds we'll have a nice new photo." In reality, the average time for an instant photo to form is 60 seconds."

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• 5h

I need ideas for a Kirby rap battle!

Please! I'm working on another personal project, but I really need ideas! Not trying to beg or anything.

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• 13h

Should this be added?

So I was thinking: "Would it be a good idea to add Moretsu Pupupu Hour to the wiki?"

if you don't know what it is, it is a fairly large Kirby manga series in which all characters up to

Triple Deluxe are featured. I don't have much information on it, except that it exists, and has a dedicated fan Twitter site (Kirby's Manga Funshack), who has a database of books and pages,

and has translated 3 books. I personally like the portrayal of Meta Knight, Taranza, King Dedede, and many others.

So, back to the question: should it be added, or not?

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• 20h

If Kirby characters played Kerbal Space Program

Yes, I know, I’m taking a chapter out of KirbyFan99’s Book, but I had a good idea.

Kirby: would make small-medium rockets, makes orbit every once in a while.

Dedede: would brute-force huge fuel depots into orbit using massive rockets.

Metaknight: Makes prototype supersonic jets and some SSTOs.

Bandana Waddledee: puts lots of rovers on the steam workshop for the game so that people can send them to other planets.

Gooey: only uses SRBs to make rockets. Not good design really.

Marx: reenters Kerbals in increasingly small craft and increasing speed.

Rick, Kine, and Coo: would build replicas of real-life missions.

Adeliene: would make long range passenger jets.

Dark Metaknight: would download Infernal Robotics and use pistons to crush planes.

Daroach: makes minimalist rockets. Gotta be frugal!

Magalor: the kind of sicko that reenters Kerbals in their EVA suits.

Taranza: SSTO maniac. Nothing else to say here.

Susie: makes stock mechanisms that leave even seasoned players of the game stunned.

Hyness: summons the kraken daily. Again, not much else to say here.

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• 21h

If Kirby characters played Terraria

Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and Bandana Waddle Dee would live together in a wooden cabin. Kirby would be an amazing builder, Meta Knight would still be a very good pro, and Dedede would set up a throne room for him and BWD.

Rick, Kine and Coo would live in a tree house; Rick would live on the ground, Kine would live next to a swimming pool, and Coo would live in the top floor.

Marx would summon bosses to try and get them to attack the good guys.

Gooey would be a newb.

Daroach would be a thief, raiding every base and randomly-generated structure he could find.

Dark Meta Knight would mercilessly kill his own NPCs, as well as harmless animals.

Adeleine and Ribbon would have color surrounding every area in their house.

Magolor would run a trading shop.

Taranza would find lots of pretty flowers to decorate his home with. #FlowerAddict

Susie would build contraptions.

The Mages would be protectors of their NPCs.

And Hyness would write very dumb things on gravestones.
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• 21h
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• 1d

Magolor beat a record on Instagram

What I mean is that an EGG beat a HUMAN by likes.
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• 2d

Something I noticed

Did you notice that all wave 3 characters (Taranza) (Magolor) (Susie) (The Three Mage Sisters),

All have no legs, disembodied hands, And all of them have fought Kirby before becoming an ally?

I don't think this means anything, just something I found interesting.

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• 2d


Susie has "Sue" in her name as in "Suing" because it's related to businesses
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• 2d

let's write a kirby crossover story together

so,kirby was wondering what to do,when suddenly a new threat appeared,named wicked tribe.

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• 2d

If Kirby characters played Roblox

Kirby would be a newbie, but he would try to help other people out.

Meta Knight would be a mega-earning pro, with TONS of Robux, the epicest gear, and worlds with under 5 dislikes. Oh, and did I mention Rthro?

King Dedede would focus on building worlds rather than playing them. He'd run a company, with Bandana Waddle Dee gathering ideas from him, and the Waddle Dees bringing them to life.

Rick, Kine and Coo would always play together. You'll never see them in seperate games.

Marx would be a troll, and ruin everyone's lives.

Gooey would be a newb, but completely forget how to play every few seconds.

Adeleine and Ribbon would run an in-game fashion line with clothes for peoples' avatars.

Daroach would hack people of their stuff, and not give it back (becuz he's a cheesy little butt face).

Dark Meta Knight would be the most disrespectful player.

Magolor would be helpful similarly to Kirby, but he'd be good at only obbies (in reference to that amusement park).

Taranza would do roleplays (and get his account suspended multiple times for attempting online dating).

Susie would be very good at coding.

The Mages would be a group of developers creating some insanely-hard worlds.

And Hyness would traumatize young players.
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• 2d
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• 2d

King DeDeDe being an Descendant of the Ancients..?

It something I've been thinking for a bit. I suppose I'll explain myself. King DeDeDe interactions with Dark Matter is a notable one, considering how he acknowledges Nightmare and had possession of both the Mask and the Treasure Chest that holds Dark Nebula. He happen to have a version of him and Dark Mind into a combined entity known as King D-Mind. He must have some connection to them due to the contrasting relationship between Dark Matter and The Ancients

He's also a King, there are no other creatures likes him in terms of a single specie. He seems to be the only character who carries royal blood of his own. Then again, I suppose this point can be rebuttal due to how he's generous of and to the waddle dees.

On a side note, It's kinda funny how he always get mixed up in troubling situations when it comes to either misunderstandings or possessions. He gets analyzed and/or cloned, oof.

That's all I have for now. I feel like it's something that hasn't been talked about. Praise the Glorious Triple D.

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• 3d

If another Kirby character got into Smash Ultimate, who would you want it to be?

So, I saw that Smash leak, and I thought: "if another Kirby character did get into smash, who would I want it to be?" I would probably pick Hyness or Taranza .

Choose yours!
  • Hyness
  • Taranza
  • Magolor
  • Bandanna Waddle Dee
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• 3d
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• 3d


Caption this pic
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• 3d

All of Void Termina's theme has relieved!!

All of Void Termina's theme has relieved! I will try to translate the names of his theme.

Suite: The Traveller who Conquers the Stars (組曲:星羅征く旅人)

1st movement: The Star Crushing Prank(第一楽章:星砕きの戯れ)

2nd movement: The Container of Lives(第二楽章:胚子の器)

3rd movement: The Wing of Sadness and Chaotic(第三楽章:哀と渾天の翼)

4th movement: Hope of Birth(第四楽章:生誕の希望)

Final movement: The Sparkling Star(最終楽章:煌めき星)


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• 3d

I don’t remember this being in Void’s battle!?

So, as some of us know, a pack of Discs containing the entire original soundtrack of Kirby Star Allies is releasing in Japan soon (unless it has already). It has an official YouTube channel that is uploading showcases of the music, along with bits of footage of where said music plays. Now, for Void’s section, it all seems normal, right? Wait until the arena turns white. Can you see that giant dark orb in the middle of the background? When was that ever there? I don’t recall ever seeing that. What is it? Howcome we can’t see it on our own games? Unless i’m missing something here. Say, have you guys ever seen this in Void’s battle? Here’s the footage. It’s at around 4:56.

ダイジェストPV(ディスク4~6) 『星のカービィ スターアライズ オリジナルサウンドトラック』
ダイジェストPV(ディスク4~6) 『星のカービィ スターアライズ オリジナルサウンドトラック』 YouTube
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• 4d

Who do you think the hardest boss is in Kirby Star Allies? (Spoilers I guess)

Pick whichever! (But the mages will win again, like always)

Pick One!
  • The Three Mage-Sisters
  • Astral birth Void
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• 4d

I wanna start a series called...

EPIC SMASH BATTLES OF HISTORY! It will consist of 1 season, and 15 battles, but you decide the matchups! Any character can be suggested, even scrapped or unannounced characters!

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